Dreams Do Come True 

Be ready. And when opportunity strikes, go for it.
Even if people are going to mock you even if you are going to get ridiculed, fear not. People laugh and people forget. But you, you would have done it. You would have realized a dream.

There is no other secret to living your passion, except
real. solid. hard. work.

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It’s Bah Kwa Time!


It’s that time of the year. Chinese New Year is round the corner. So looking forward to binging on my favourite goodies : mum’s homemade pineapple tarts ( simply the best) and Fragrance Bah Kwa (and not just because my face is on taxi cabs), just the way I like it– slightly toasted, with a glass of red.

24 days into the new year and I’m feeling pretty serene.
Did not make any resolutions since that never worked for me anyway. Instead I decided to try something new: simplify and be less of an overachiever.

Less unnecessary drama.
More putting myself in other people’s shoes.
It is life-changing.

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Strength For 2015.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e34/1188855/files/2015/01/img_5117.jpgHere’s to a stronger you this year.

Speak your mind.

Stop trying to be popular.

Accept that there will be some who dislike you.

Know that this is ok too.

Just do your job, and do it well.

You have always produced your best work when you are miserable anyway.

Compete only with yourself. Or don’t compete at all.

Take your meds. Buy time. And soon it will be over.

Soon it will be 2017.


Fly away.


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Peace Is The Way


I stay here

Waiting for you

–Walt Whitman

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 Photo credit : Jeff Chang for M Lifestyle Magazine.

(Get a copy of December issue now)

It is fine to be underestimated and misunderstood. Emerge to their surprise.

I will persevere. Swiftly, relentlessly and without compromise.

It is indeed lonely at the top.

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sXs Anniversary video X 3

This year we did not celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with balloons, cakes, and confetti. In fact we did not even throw a party. Not even a small, cosy, quiet cake-cutting in the office. I found it a little disappointing, but that’s just me being emotional, and I shall not dwell any deeper.

Instead I feted this special occasion with a new conviction : that things have gotta change in the way we work and communicate with one another.

The irony is: I used to pride myself in cruising through my 6 years abroad in Paris, Lyon, Salamanca and Tokyo,  even though along the way I struggled to overcome all the different layers of cultural and language nuances. I was in foreign lands, speaking in Japanese, French and even Spanish and I got by, unscarred, and a little triumphant!

Here, back in my home for barely 3 years and 8 months, I faced more fights and misunderstandings than all my years overseas combined, despite all of us speaking a common tongue.

It is sad, undoubtedly. And it causes me to continue to miss my previous life in the cities I love. This conflict humbled me. I know I have to rise up to the occasion and set it right for myself.

Don’t finger point at anyone else. Point at yourself.



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styleXstyle.com turns 2

styleXstyle is a business, not a personal blog. I have to make tough, unpopular decisions all the time. If it’s all self-indulgent fun and games, then I don’t need to be here do I ?


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