Hello 2014.


A little slow here (blaming it utterly on the jet lag after my New York City/ Whistler escapade) but it just struck me that 2014 is officially here. It’s been here 14 days already.

I still have problems addressing events that happened this year that should have been last year and last year that should have been the year before that. You get the gist. I have adjustment issues. I thought I have always been the fast-to-adapt-Miss Chameleon-Au, but alas, my therapist is and always will be right, that I cling on too much and let go too little.

So I have decided to…let it go.


Here is my strategy towards being a better person:

I will NOT do the following 5 things anymore, in this new year 2014.

  1. I will stop counting down to the end of my bond. *So for the last time, 3 years 2 months and 17 days left.
  2. I will not feel guilty saying no. So… I am sorry, I can’t make it to your launch, your dinner party, your wedding, your fashion show.
  3. I will not lose my temper at work. It is simply not worth it.
  4. I will stop blaming myself for failed relationships. They end or will end, and it is not necessarily anybody’s fault. If love between 2 people can’t stand the test of time, if it can’t withstand any test, then it is not mine to keep in the first place. Forever doesn’t make any sense. Even as a word.
  5. I will stop excessive reminiscence of my six years abroad in Japan and France. Too much grief I have brought unto myself by comparing then and now, that city of lights and my current home, ichiran ramen and the ramen here, Jardin des Tuileries and our Botanical Gardens. You know the drill. Self destruction all the way. I am taking everything I have here for granted.

I will, however, endeavour to do the following 5 things:

  1. I will go home and have dinner with my loved-ones every working week day. Ok that’s a bit unrealistic…hahhahaha ok ok say 2.5  times a week!!! I promise you Mum!
  2. I will travel every other month.
  3. I will lower my expectations. For everything. For things in general.
  4. I will keep my promises. Or rather I will not make promises so easily.
  5. I will LOVE. YOU. MORE.


“For to live, you have to love”.


It’s about time I grow up.