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“Life’s finest day for wretched mortals here

is always first to flee.”

Could it be that happiness is but overrated?
If being is all about attaining happiness and the search for happiness is the answer to the meaning of life, then could we not perhaps follow the foot steps of the Epicureans, since they embody the ultimate free spirit of living in the moment ? To lead a life in seclusion, away from judgmental eyes, to sever all ties with society, to fear no Gods, to give nothing and to ask for nothing in return from the world. All one needs is pleasure. Not even death disturbs the Epicureans because ‘‘as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist’’.
While it is very liberating and enticing to indulge in a lifetime of enjoyment, with no politics and no pain, one cannot help but wonder: if it is really possible to feel happy all the time, if there were not the occasional grief and melancholy? Could one fully savor the essence of happiness, if one had not felt the aches of loss and regret? Even when we truly have it all, even if we own everything we ever want in the world, would we be truly happy?
Why then do we still see so many unhappy people around us?

Oh mon Dieu, tout passe, tout lasse, tout casse..cette une chanson qui m’émeut tellement. Une telle sentimentalité me tue.
Alors, la vie…Je languis de l’avenir, Je suis las du présent, j’ai oublié le passé, je me dépêche ma vie, j’envie de plus, je veux être heureux, suis-je heureux ? Après avoir remporté toutes les victoires,  après je me suis entourée de tous mes trophées de la richesse, est-ce que j’ai en fait suivi une vie du sens ?
Parlez moi.



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