“Seek no longer that the world should speak of you

but how you should speak to yourself.

Let true ideals be kept before your mind (Cicero)”

— Montaigne.

Oh wise men, what would become of me if I lose the ability to read and learn?






“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

—Oscar Wilde.

To the past and to the future. To a time when thought is free. When men are different from one another and do not live alone.

To a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone.

It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage.

–George Orwell


26 thoughts on ““Seek no longer that the world should speak of you

  1. All your friends at PhotoBlog wish you well.
    I have seen you develop like a rocket and I am glad to see you graduate from PhotoBlog to another place.
    Singapore is the place I most wish I could go.

  2. Emm…
    Off topic…

    Just wanna know which part of Tokyo You’re stayin now… I will be stayin at TKC start from End of May til Nov. Before that I will stay at Yokohama…

    At least now I knew someone I knew (not in person) stayin at Tokyo… Just feel great!

  3. hey pretty women!
    when are u coming to spore? i missed the time to see u appearing on channel 8…hosting variety show!nonetheless tis yrs urs beauty on tv has not forgotton by fans…hope to see back soon. n jia you for studies in japan!

  4. Hi Sharon

    Just drop by to wish you all the best in your studies! Ya, you are definitely not forgotten by your fan here : )

    You take good care, study hard & play hard.

    Love: Doris Tan
    PS: I went Tokyo before & I love this country.

  5. hiie sharon. hope ure doing well over there. study hard ok? haha. youre not forgotten by mediacorp and ur fans out here in Singapore!

  6. Wassup Sharon~^^
    Missing eur face n laughters on Chn8..Juz drop by to wish euu all e best in eur studies..dun play n eat too much ahh..hehe..get something back for mi hor..pretty pls~=( *juz kiddin~hehe~ nweis it’s e tot tat counts ^^~*
    U rocks..n rmb..rocks on~^^+Us oo~<3

  7. Thank you guys for these heartwarming messages..

    stay with me and share with me
    your thoughts your tears your joy.

    I will be here, listening.

  8. I’m in Brussels and I’d love to go back to Asia…
    I used to live in HK for a while.
    How could I decide to live as a student by now?
    After a degree, it’s difficult to feel as free as a student.
    Take care,
    (french, 31)

  9. hi sharon:

    hope u have a great time in Europe! I was just watching some re-runs of some variety show on channel 8…gee how time flies!!!


  10. Hey Sharon,

    i’m having mixed feelings while I’m typing this msg. I’m wondering if you still remember me? Are you in Japan?

    1. I am in France..but going back to Tokyo very soon in September..
      I must have replied you when you left a msg for me in another blog post..are you the Joanne I know who went abroad for further studies too?!

      1. That’s nice to hear that you remember me! Yes, I am the same Jo and I am back in Singapore working. Will you be coming back to SIngapore, it will be good to catch up! Your Best friend Daniel is really a nice and funny chap! Gerr…


  11. hey sharon!! i watched some repeat tv programmes that you hosted and acted before. wow, i really miss ya!! all the best in your studies and everything you do!!

    ps, can you translate your blog entries to english so that i can read.

    jia you jia you!!

  12. “J’ai souffert souvent, je me suis trompé quelquefois, mais j’ai aimé. C’est moi qui ai vécu, et non pas un être factice créé par mon orgueil et mon ennui.”
    —Alfred de Musset.

    Ahhhhhhh effectivement.

  13. 我想念你的笑声和你搞笑的时候。那么久没看到你的荧幕上了,起初还有点不习惯。一路来我都是你的忠实粉丝。你要多多加油哦,也一定要幸福哦!

  14. Sharon, I read your article on Today paper. It is great, it really spoke to me. I don’t know you but I feel like I can connect with you. I spent several years abroad and i had all the same feelings as you when I came back to Singapore to serve my bond. Just to want to say jia you and God bless. God bless your relationship with your boyfriend, and your family. Everything in its time.
    Take care!

  15. Hi Sharon

    I am a fan of yours and enjoyed your shows before your went to pursue your university degree.I applaud for your recognition in local channels and have great admiration of your language talent.You are more than effectively bilingual as you are able to speak three other foreign languages as well.Do you mind I ask you how do you do so?I am interested to know so that I can pick up new languages like you too.I look forward for you reply.

    Take care!

  16. i am your fan from sg ! i wish you great success with whatever you are working on and great happiness ! A day filled with happiness is a day worth living ^_^ so, be happy !!

  17. Hi Sharon,

    I’d just like to say thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us, whether in Singapore or overseas. Stylexstyle is truly an achievement and I can’t wait to see what else it brings! I’ve spoken to you in person before years ago when I interned with Elle magazine, but you probably don’t remember me. I would love to be able to contribute to Stylexstyle editorially should you ever need additional help.

    I can be contacted at feliciapyq@gmail.com.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks, take care, and don’t stop inspiring! 🙂

    Best regards,

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