O you reckless soul !


Instant gratification? Not good enough for me. I strongly believe you reap what you sow.
There is no short cut. There is no easy way. There’s only hard solid work.

“Sail forth! For the deep waters only!
And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all”

–my one and only Walt Whitman I memorize your words to death.

Live the life you have imagined


I am angry.

And I should not be. No one should be so angry. At least not for too long.

Nothing should be so difficult to navigate and if it is you are obviously not enjoying yourself.

When I wanted to pursue an education overseas you thought I was fleeing.
When I wanted to do my part for the country you thought I was showing off.
When I wanted to love you thought I was in denial.
When I wanted to quit you thought it was PTSD.
And now I create but you think I’m too fast.

Whatever I wanted to…you always thought otherwise.

Hélas. Allow me, even just for a moment, to be human and to be angry.
Let me be candid for just a minute and ask that perhaps you should try catching up?

I told myself to remember the sunrise at Macchu Picchu and the promise I said out loud to the vastness:

Live the life I have imagined!

Be contented with less.

I am enough.

Be unwavering but kind.

Like a mountain.