Well Hello 2019.

Ten thousand steps,
Dreams in her hand,
A winter’s tale.

We moved through time, the intensity of 365 days passed, in which I quit my job on 2 January 2018, moved to Paris in March, found another job in June, rented an apartment of my own in December, and broke free from influence. There is something about endings and saying goodbyes. The ache is real and strangely addictive. But that just makes new encounters all the more breathtaking. It makes you wonder, again and again, is life a giant ferris wheel? You go round and round, you go up and down, it all begins again. We move through time after time, wondering if we will see the ones we love again, when one ceases to exist. In the end, we remember moments of love, intense love. And how we fought to live on. 

Life is such.

It has been a year where I was under no pressure to be the greatest showman, or charming, or relatable. I decided I prefer myself this way, walking, encountering and writing away. Language is truly a powerful tool. I strongly recommend that you make learning a 3rd or 4th language one of your 2019 to-do-priorities.

Here are 5 things I would like to be able to execute in this new year.

  1. When they go low you go high. Says Michelle Obama. I say when people go low you don’t have to shake their hands, smile and say thank you, allowing the abuse to prevail. You are allowed to show your hurt, disengage and delete them from your life. 
  2. Speak up, speak out, speak proud.
  3. Brace up and be a woman. Don’t allow myself to be bullied by service staff. Or anyone, really.
  4. Make every fall I’ve ever taken be worth the pain. “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” This is for anyone who is waiting for a time to shine in your life, the time is #NOW
  5. Lastly, don’t look back, you are not going that way. 

“When the time comes, take all your glory, and stand aside”– so aptly put by Erich Kastner. So here I go, I am going to show you how I gladiate. And then out and up I return when death beckons, which could be anytime, soon. We’ll never know when. I wish for you courage and the capacity to embrace the potential of each ephemeral lifetime. And while chasing your next big goal, don’t forget about the million little moments that make the chase worthwhile. 

Après avoir vu la descente, contemple l’ascension.
You have seen me fall, now watch me fly.

7 thoughts on “Well Hello 2019.

  1. Hey, it’s been awhile!

    I hope life is going on fine over there. I saw the IG post on your new apartment. Many hearty congratulations.
    I would like to say I have done a lot of reflection about my achievements in the past year and many of which are me living the dream.

    I just want to write in and say, you have been an inspiration. And somehow I am motivated by you (as with many others).

    Keep spreading your life and have a great 2019.

  2. I did not pay notice to you until reading about your move to Paris now. What a lady. Keep that gumption. People who don‘t love Paris don‘t love life. Tant pis pour les fait.

  3. I think you’re in inspiration to live life fully, to chase ur dreams and also to be happy. Stay happy and keep learning. I love languages too but yet master any fully.

  4. From one expat Singaporean in Europe to another, and from one single girl who whose idea of freedom and happiness includes planting herself in lands she knows not a single soul and whose cultures and languages are about as familiar as spaghetti bolognese was to her Cantonese grandmother, I thought I’d say hello. I’ve lived away for most of my adult life and reading your posts just resonated so much. So, so much. At a time where I feel so lost and where life borders on meaningless (i’m trying not to slip through the crack of the big-D), moving back to Singapore seems to be an option, but an option I’m so reluctant to take despite all the satisfaction I will get from downing the bowls of hawker food and the nights spent with good old friends. If only people knew how it feels, to love home like one loves a toxic abusive ex-boyfriend.

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