sXs Anniversary video X 3

This year we did not celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with balloons, cakes, and confetti. In fact we did not even throw a party. Not even a small, cosy, quiet cake-cutting in the office. I found it a little disappointing, but that’s just me being emotional, and I shall not dwell any deeper.

Instead I feted this special occasion with a new conviction : that things have gotta change in the way we work and communicate with one another.

The irony is: I used to pride myself in cruising through my 6 years abroad in Paris, Lyon, Salamanca and Tokyo,  even though along the way I struggled to overcome all the different layers of cultural and language nuances. I was in foreign lands, speaking in Japanese, French and even Spanish and I got by, unscarred, and a little triumphant!

Here, back in my home for barely 3 years and 8 months, I faced more fights and misunderstandings than all my years overseas combined, despite all of us speaking a common tongue.

It is sad, undoubtedly. And it causes me to continue to miss my previous life in the cities I love. This conflict humbled me. I know I have to rise up to the occasion and set it right for myself.

Don’t finger point at anyone else. Point at yourself.