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You say let us desire and let one live life according to our own appetites! You say stop mourning and start living! You say one does not need to set standards to stabilize judgment, you say judge anyway! Judge, in the midst of complexities! You say love the world and not your agenda of the world! You say always look for the point of vitality! You say take each day and live it through. You say do not problematize emptiness! You say choose your battles! You say, “I prefer not to”! You say to take my individuation and run! You quoted Walt Whitman “I am large I contain multitude!” Indeed like the great poet, if I have been contradicting myself, very well, so be it, and let one not be wary of contradictions. Thus I am not advocating that one surrenders all attempts at grappling with reason, I am simply reminding myself that one should never be completely contented with one’s current deployment of reason. If we all lose in life anyway, (so laments Unamuno), then what else is one afraid of losing?

I am consumed by the ecstasy of madness. And I like it.



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