An Ordinary Woman In Paris.

It’s been a little more than two weeks since I moved to Paris. When flight SQ334 landed on the morning of 19th March, I marvelled at the snow that greeted me, even when Spring was just round the corner. I thought to myself as the plane touched down the runway, that the world was ending, there was no time to waste.

Savour life, I say, and make things happen for yourself. The watchword being: self-imagination. Or else your story will end up like one of those indie films, where pretty much nothing really happens, and the characters grow old and die. Not sad, but not exciting either. I realized we’ve got to foster our dreams, the way we nurture relationships with the people we care for. And this balance between life’s practicalities and hopes constantly kept me on my toes. I am in Paris, because I do not want to surrender to the limitations of where I came from. I expected more out of a lifetime, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with harbouring a desire for a bigger, better, brighter you. No matter what they say.

And so here I am, dancing and drowning in spontaneity.

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For now, before my next adventure begins. I am in no hurry. Can we stay this way for a lifetime? I believe, that when a woman sheds her armour of self-importance, she becomes stronger. You can no longer hurt her with your cynicism. “Today’s news is tomorrow’s history”. I no longer take what is said about me, about anything or anyone seriously. Being Sharon Au suddenly seems pretty fun and distinctive again without all these self-image baggages. You will not hurt me with your words. Not for too long anyway.


If an ordinary girl from Singapore who grew up from a broken, poor and unprivileged family background could receive a good education, be awarded Best Trainee of Singapore Airlines Batch 364, win 11 Star Awards trophies as a TV host and actress, study abroad in Japan and France in my 30s, contribute to the media and fashion industry after graduation and arrive in Paris, I believe nothing should ever stop you from stepping out and stepping up. Live with vigour!

This is not the end. I want to see you fly.

(Photos by Yujia)

19 thoughts on “An Ordinary Woman In Paris.

  1. I want to fly. I want to fly. I need to find my wings to fly. I need to be financially independent for the first time in my life so I could be free to decide my life’s destiny. At 43, it’s incredibly scary but I want to give it a chance to be a much better version of who I am. I want to be ready to meet the soulmate of my life and be someone he is proud to show off to when we finally meet.

    1. You inspired me. Right now, I’m in the exact situation, as you. All I need is to find that courage you have ….. to fly, be free …Thank you.

  2. I wish you are able to find what you are looking for in Paris. May you find your soulmate too.. Good luck! Rgds from May (who’s aso singaporean and living in Paris now).

  3. This post is actually so touching & inspiring! I’m graduating in July and am also thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone…to return to Singapore or to head to a new country. Thank you Sharon, this post inspire me so much. ❤️

    -carol (currently studying in Japan…we exchanged message before!)

  4. Some believe life is what you make of it, but nevertheless, its is inevitably dependent of your situation in life. Of course everybody dreams of becoming a self made, successful high flyer, but I definitely believe that the recipe of success consist of : sheer effort, choosing the right environment with people who supports your beliefs and connections ( positive social dynamics). That’s how you thrive, grow, prosper..and fly.

  5. Hello Sharon,

    I watched you on tv when I was in my high school days and followed on IG and just recently been reading. This beautifully written blog of yours .. I don’t normally write but I just want to drop you a message to tell you how inspiring you are. 💕💕

  6. Thanks for always being so inspiring. I’ve been going through a tough time in my career here in Melbourne since moving from Singapore. But every time I see your posts it pushes me along to keep going.

  7. I only remember you from your Chinese Variety show days (long long time ago), but recently I accidentally started following your IG – I was intrigued by the beautiful mood pictures of Paris. Your blog posts touch me deeply; almost triggering something deep in my soul that have been buried away. Go girl, best of luck. When you want something badly, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. Jia you!

  8. Hi Sharon,

    I read this some time ago:

    “Holding an interest is like falling in love. It does nothing but move your heart. But it is useless if you do not treasure it.”

    I have been thinking what kind of life do I really want to live. I have lived my life the way people expects of me. If I try to live life differently, they will say that things are not right in my life hence I am responding in a certain way, that I am becoming self -centered, that I am trying too hard… but I want to break free. I want to at least try and see for myself that I can achieve this much. I want to do the things that I have put off for a long long time.

    Thank you for being an example for living life courageously! It really moved my heart deeply. :))

  9. C’est la vie. Profiter à Paris quand nous sommes rester ici. 🙂
    Enjoy to the fullest while we are living our lives in Paris for this moment!

    Actually….I just want to ask how’s your french level? And are you attending any french class here in Paris? Haha. Just curious.

    (I’m Singaporean and have been living in Paris for almost 2 years. Watched you on tv show “chen ren za chi” in my teenage times.)

  10. One of the few individuals I’ve ever known to really do what she preaches, greatly inspiring and I wish you all the best Sharon! 🙂 I came upon your talk with Andie and it was really timely, given that I just stepped out of my comfort zone recently to pursue a new career. I really struggled in my first 2 weeks, constantly wondering and doubting if I am even cut out to be in the industry. Yet your words woke and encouraged me, its normal to struggle in some place new initially but as time goes by, it will get better. Grit will be the one that will yield me through.

    Thank you so much, Sharon. I hope Paris will be a prolific chapter for you! 🙂

  11. Hi 欧菁仙, just finished watching the interview with Andie, very much inspired.

    I gave up a career in banking when my lack of basic degree is not leading me anywhere, I then “squat” at home for 10 months and during the process, fell into a scam and lost my 6 figure whole life savings.

    I had to start from zero in another industry, I was much happier, bosses appreciate me and I got promoted to manager is 4 years (which I considered short since in my 30 years in banking, the highest I could reach is a senior officer).

    But I grumbled , pay is so little.

    After watching the interview, I realised I really shouldn’t look back and look down on the pay.

    Cest la vie 🥂

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