Go Find Your Way Home.

2019 you were a ghost. I had no entry, except for my Hello 2019 post.

Listen, it wasn’t that you were unmemorable, but I ran so fast, too much adrenalin, it was quite a mess, everything seemed like a blur. I spent the bulk of my energy settling down in Paris, getting the hang of my new environment, starting a new business Tiyan Academy, and learning to work with French people. I can’t remember all the details only that I had no control over most of what was happening. Life deals you curveballs. You just have to catch them.

 All I can say is, the learning curve is steep, and I feel like I’ve aged 10 years. Don’t say this, don’t do that, don’t explain, don’t justify, this will make you look vulnerable, I was told. What’s wrong with that? Vulnerability does not mean that I am weak. Kindness is not a flaw.

Last night I went to watch #Madonna at #legrandrex, eXtremely amazed by her grit to perform, in spite of her injured knees. She knew she had to go on because her show, full of love and pledges for marginalised people, was too important to be surrendered without a fight. And what a fight it was, at times it was painful to watch her dance and it was much more enjoyable when she didn’t have to move. Frozen, when she just sat there and let Lourdes, her 23 yr old daughter and a splitting image of her, take over the stage, was hauntingly beautiful, and surreal.
“Hello gay #Paris, we can all be Madame X.” she said. As Madonna and her contingent of warriors marched out of the theatre singing “I will rise” the couples around me hugged, cried and in their tears, I saw hope and representation.

            Every good story has a hero. And you have to root for yours.

            Sometimes the hero, is none other than yourself. You just have to wait till the end to find out.

One thought on “Go Find Your Way Home.

  1. Hello Sharon, i just want to say Thank You for being so honest about your life and living. Your interviews are a joy to read- straight talk, raw and truly sincere. Vulnerability is rare- especially from your angle. Thank you for ringing a chord in my heart. I wish you nothing but the VERY BEST for the rest of your great adventure. Keep safe. Viva la vida!

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