una cancíon preferida.

Sheryl Crow Ft. Sting – Always On Your Side

My favourite song at the moment.

Thank you MrP.


KNOWLEDGE, unlike life, is INFINITE.


My mind is all swarmed with Spanish, Japanese and English that i´m beginning to speak Mandarin like a toddler. Have been responsible for translating between my Taiwanese and European friends..can i just say that it is not as easy as i thought. Especially when both sides are debating about politics. I have to be careful NOT to translate the sarcasm, insinuation and innuendos to avoid aggravating the already intense arguments.  

But when one chinese gal asked my jewish classmate if he hates Hitler…..I FLED from the scene. HELP.

Can´t wait to blog in Mandarin again..can only do that when i´m back on my beloved laptop.

Jiang hua yu.

Yin wei wo men shi hua ren.

Ice cream time.


Summer time.

Time for ice cream. And a glass of sangría.

My Taiwanese friends Elvira, Baobei, Dona and I at Plaza Mayor.


Before our exam this coming Friday and next Monday arghhhhhhhhhh…



Me gustas tú.

Very delighted to read all your well-wishes..
Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUU so very much.

Aquellas palabras me llegaron al corazón. Te lo digo de todo corazón.


Europe has overwhelmed me with emancipation and release that i´ve not experienced in a remotely long time. Or ever.

Dance …
and DREAM.

Free ourselves from the past, and do not repeat it with embellishments.Although there are things that cannot be explained and will never be alright, and sorrows that can never be calmed.

Let´s just dance and dream, shall we?

Javier Marías once said that ” unhappiness is an invention”. I often repeat to myself, and these words hold true for misfortunes that come from inside not outside, and always assuming they are not misfortunes which are, objectively speaking, unavoidable, a catastrophe, an accident, a death, a defeat, a dismissal, a plague, a famine , or the vicious persecution of some blameless person, HISTORY is full of them, as is our own, by which i mean these unfinished times of ours  (there are even dismissals and defeats and deaths that are self-inflicted or deserved or indeed, invented).

Let us not let anything corrode our souls.

Dex ´s celebrated WORD






duende-an enchantment. Inspiration drawn from the emotion of the music and the dance.

I am so humbled by the whole flamenco experience. The sound of every step, the power in every turn, and the pain in the eyes..always the eyes..the look..that renders you breathless in awe.  

My 4th dance class today.

And i am in love.


Salamanca day 6.

Attended Sunday Mass yesterday. Was dying of thirst and searching for any supermercado that is opened on sundays. Ended up walking right into a cathedral, where the heavenly voice of a nun singing a hymn pulled me deeper and deeper into the heart of the aisle.

And so I sat. Knelt. And prayed.

Silent tears streamed down my cheeks. Memories of Sept 22nd 2001, 13th august 2002, 11th Sept 2002 overwhelmed me as vividly as if i had travelled back in time. .

C’est la vie, my child..c´est la vie..

The miracle of life. Happens when you least expected it. Isn´t it?

Heartwarming messages on my blog that i´ve been reading over and over again..my heart is filled with gratitude.

On a tranquil night like this, i can´t help but feel that i am indeed blessed.

We lose some we gain some.

Some heartaches last forever, but so be it. I´ve always observed Life as a tragic joke so why don´t we just have a good laugh and get over it. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, aye?

As I sat in Plaza Mayor, basking in the warmth of the summer´s breeze, I cannot imagine going back to my old life-style, it seems so transient so fleeting so ephemeral. We have grown out of it and moved on. Haven´t we?

The music of the accordion filled the air with a glimpse of inner desires and longing. Woodrow Wilson once said,”we grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers”.

The search continues..
for truth, for love, for light.