Failure Builds Character

A little dissent is good, especially when standing up for the right thing. A failure or two is good, especially if it teaches one to be resilient to disappointments.

“Gentle in winning, stronger in defeat”. A line in The LKY Musical that struck a chord in me.

When pride gets in the way, I failed to see the big picture.
When blinded by ignorance, we ridicule and condemn without logic.
When one is stuck in the moment, only prayers, family and community could provide me with the release of anguish.

Hence, we move on. And in the process we learn and we grow.

Would I give myself a pass? Never. I am and have always been my own worst critic.
But we must not be defined by our worst moments. We can hate some things we have done, but do respect ourselves for everything good we have done in our complicated lives.