Star Style.


At the peak of her career in the late 90s and early 2000s, fashion was colourful and grungy.

It was the age of micro minis, halter tops and sky-high ponytails secured with a scrunchie.

But former actress-host Sharon Au does not regret any of her past fashion faux pas.

The 41-year-old told The New Paper: “When you don’t invest in timeless pieces, it is only natural to look back and find many items outdated.

“Our tastes change. It is a function of age.”

Au left showbiz at the height of her popularity in 2005 to pursue a degree in International Political Science and Law at Tokyo’s Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studies. She returned to Singapore in 2011.

During her time abroad, she also lived in Lyon, France, from 2008 to 2009, on an exchange programme.

Her time in France, she said, is what shapes her style today.

Au said: “I was face to face with walking testimonials of French people who showed me that comfort and confidence trump all fashion trends.

“They’re always in the same look, same colours, with their hair windblown and messy, never styled.

“They don’t follow trends or ‘it’ things blindly, but what they exuded to me was much more precious and (something) money can’t buy – comfort in their own skin.

“They looked good in everything – just jeans and a basic T-shirt. There was nothing outstanding about their outfits, but it was their overall confidence and nonchalance that was beautiful.

“I came from the entertainment industry where everything was head to toe red carpet.

“So for me to go and see au naturel in action – I was very inspired.”


“Now, I wear things I feel very comfortable in,” said Au, who is assistant vice-president of Mediacorp.

She was so inspired by what she saw overseas that she started a fashion portal, styleXstyle, in 2012.

Her latest venture is the Style by Style Vibes café at the new Mediacorp campus at One-North.

The Singapore Airlines sarong kebaya is special to Au, who was a Singapore Girl for 15 months before she was talent-spotted and quit flying for showbiz.


She paired the stewardess uniform with nude Christian Louboutin heels.

“I was 19 and fresh out of Hwa Chong Junior College. I had never travelled before in my life,” she recalled.

“I miss that time of my life because I was so young and sucked up all the experiences like a sponge.”


“When I go to work, my outfits are almost the same – mostly black, structured, neat and a little power woman-ish,” said Au, who usually adds a blazer to her Zara dress.

She accessorised with an Hermes Constance handbag, a belt from local designer Zenchi and jewellery from South Korean brand Stonehenge.



Au keeps it casual and flowy for lunch with her girlfriends.

She opts for Hermes tassel loafers – she does not wear heels on her days off – and a maxi dress from Swedish brand & Other Stories.

She said: “Just because you dress down doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. I like wearing something shapeless and relaxed.”



She paired a simple Banana Republic white tank top with pants from Australian brand Satch, blazer from French label Zadig & Voltaire, Hermes Birkin bag and accessorised with South Korean jewellery brand Stonehenge.

“When I wear this outfit, I feel empowered, like I can change the world,” said Au, adding that high heels and a bold lip make a winning combination.

“To me, a woman is sexiest when she comes across as confident, decisive and opinionated.

“That’s why sexy to me is not revealing. It’s not about showing your shoulders or skin. It’s more of the attitude.”


Text by Natasha Meah

This article first appeared on The New Paper.

40 Is The New Black.


I am turning 40 in about 7 weeks I am feeling fabulous.

It seems to me, life has only just begun. It is so exciting (and hectic) that I often find myself too nervous to eat. But I am constantly reminded, that I have to nourish myself with food,honey and water, or else I would not have the energy and stamina to keep up with the pace. So I entice myself with comfort food, such as my Nespresso Roma and Nutella in the morning, (yes I eat Nutella with a spoon sans bread), boiled carrots and broccoli for lunch, and a glass of my favourite red for dinner. As you can see, I prefer to always stay some what hungry. It keeps me yearning. And yearning gives me something to look forward to.

Honoured to be on the cover of Elle Singapore this month. It has been 11 years since I last graced Elle’s cover and I must admit, I do age quite well. More importantly, I have never been more comfortable with being me, flaws and all.

As I sit outside on my balcony, typing away, listening to the crashing of the waves, distant flickering lights of the ships beckon to me, my silent companions.

How lovely life can be.

My styleXmas Weekend.

In the spirit of our current #styleXmas giveaway, I decided that one should not only dress #styleXmas but also, to live #styleXmas. I woke up this morning, stared at my minimalistic (in my mum’s words, “Walao, so empty what style is this?”) apartment, and realized there was nothing very “style” nor “Xmas” about it. Something very obvious was missing here.

And then it finally struck me.

Ok you no-life-workaholic, you need a fireplace. And a fabulous Christmas tree with lots of blue boxes underneath.

I know a fireplace is not only out of the question but would also reaffirm my state of insanity in the eyes of my loved-ones. But I do pine for the scent of a real, live and thick Christmas tree, and I should get one for myself… before …before Christmas is over. “Today”! I thought to myself with zest, yes, “procrastinate no further, I shall do it today”! There was only one problem. To do that I have to force my lazy body out of bed*. I have to face the world out there again.

[*Disclaimer: I feel so beaten after a week at work, that weekends are usually reserved for me, my bed and I.]

Far East Florist, here I come.

As in all things in my life, Kismet always plays a huge part. I immediately fell love-at-first-sight-head-over-heels-in love with this giant tree!


But as fate also never fails to play that tragic joke on me (cue all my unrequited love requiem over the past 3 decades), it soon dawned on me that the tree of my eye will not fit in my bachelorette pad. Not at all.

So I settled on this cute little 5-feet under-dog.


One clumsy hour later, with pride and joy, I placed my favorite trophy on top of the tree, and ooh la la: my own Little Black Beauty Box Tree.


After this exercise, I actually have a better understanding of what #styleXmas represents.

It is a state of mind.

It is being in the moment.

It is not over thinking.

It is an energy.


What is #styleXmas to you? Tell me through your OOTDs, on as we count down to a joyous Christmas Day 2013!

Love Recklessly,

So yes, a group of young, and not so young people jumping in joy to celebrate a year of styleXstyle. (Did you spot one 38 year-old spring chicken dressed in bah kwa orange doing the leap?) By the way, what’s this obsession with jump shots anyway? Isn’t it so “been there done that” already? Well, other than it being my own favourite pose, pardon me but old aunties like me tend to indulge in nostalgia, and for some of you who probably still remember this, we launched styleXstyle last year on the 15th November, with this: Image And so it is, a year later, we jump again. It is a WHAT-I-COULDN’T-BELIEVE-WE-SURVIVED-jump.  Indeed, it’s been a great year.  And by great, I mean scary, painful, frustrating, heartbreaking, hair-pulling migraine, agony and tears. Lots of tears.

When Thomas A Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. It is very inspirational, of course! But he forgot to tell us about all the 10,000 cliché disappointments, dramatic outbursts, and intense emotions he must have suffered.  You know all the stories of young successful entrepreneurs who tried to inspire us with their rags to riches stories? I LURVE to read this type of feel-good books, about innovation, about how we should never give up! These stories make people want to quit their boring desk-bound jobs, and embark on a brand new exciting venture! Unfortunately, I only focused on the part where they persevered, and finally emerged victorious. I had totally undermined all that pain that led up to the glory. You think it will all be worth it, once the business gains traction, and you make your first million. But I am telling you, before you get to that point, there is a hell lot of anguish.

You just have to bite the bullet, put your best face forward and just do it.

And we did.

So enough of wilful whining! Allow me to count our blessings and highlight five of our most significant milestones over the past 12 months:


Image Launched THE LITTLE BLACK BEAUTY BOX, delivering boxes of surprise every month to your doorstep. Our very first product.


Image Star Awards Red Carpet was live-streamed for the very first time, exclusively by styleXstyle, and hosted by bloggers/fashion entrepreneurs extraordinaire, Rachel and Viola of Love, Bonito.


Image We created another styleXstyle product, Asia Style Collection—A Fashion and Music Extravaganza, in Singapore and brought it to…well…Asia! (ASC was telecast in Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries, reaching 800 million households).


Image Launched styleXstyle TV. Fashion is all about having fun. We have so much to say, so much to share, and so much more to discover with you, that we are left with no choice but to create another stage for our talented bloggers, fashionistas, and celebrities to come together! It’s been slightly over a month since the cameras started rolling, and boy can i just say, it’s been such a blast!



We commissioned two television programs, Kawaii Style and Ladies Nite, where we cross pollinated content from TV to online .


We did not accomplish all that on our own. I wanna thank…my mum …my fans…you…*cue Star Awards music*

Ok seriously, Passion and Drive, yes, were the ammunitions the team was armed with, but that might have gotten us only halfway through the journey. In the other half, we were half-dragged, half-carried, half-kicked by all the partnerships we have formed along the way:

People who believed in us even when we were nothing.

Brands who took a chance on styleXstyle.

And most importantly, the community who joined, and shared with us your beautiful OOTDs.

I don’t want to end this letter with a thank you.

I would like to end it with a promise: that there will be more exciting things coming your way.

Happy birthday, styleXstyle.