Leave. Live.


The first thing I did in the year 2018, was to quit my job. On the second day of the new year. I left a company I had been a part of for 22 long years. It was the second best thing I have done in my life thus far. The first was in 2005 when I left a 10-year showbiz career to pursue a university degree in Waseda University, Tokyo. That was without a doubt, the scariest, bravest thing I have done in my life. And, yes, it changed my life. After all, huge risks, are the only ones worth taking.

To anyone who is pondering on whether to stay, or leave…if you are wondering where does this courage come from…this is how I found mine. Twice.


Block out the noise, and listen intently to your own voice. Your body (and soul) has a natural defence mechanism to self-heal. We could not hear them because we are drowned by social construct. I say, purge all the layers of externalities, and for once, have a conversation with just yourself.

I can’t tell you what and how the dialogue will go. We all have different stories. Let your body tell you hers. But I say, don’t wait for a tragedy to strike, before it shakes you to want to live better. A mentor of mine recently bravely fought nose cancer. He was so positive throughout his 33 sessions of chemotherapy he brought laughter to the other patients in therapy. A close friend of mine just suffered a stroke. He goes to the gym every day in the week, eats mostly boiled vegetables and fish, doesn’t smoke. We all have constant reminders like this. We see and hear enough. No one needs to tell us any more, that life is short, vulnerable and unpredictable.

Don’t wait too long to be happy. We might not have the time.

And then, go forth. and never look back. 27540229_10155164539017483_4091932118399882556_n.jpg

8 thoughts on “Leave. Live.

  1. I am going through life changes at the moment. Thank you for inspiring me. Love reading your posts though I just came across only today. Do continue to keep writing. Take care and GOD bless.
    PS: Our paths crossed when you were shooting City Beats 20 years ago in a Preschool in Great World City. How time flies indeed.

  2. Dear Sharon,

    I’m Shayna & I hope you would consider my post.

    I gain nothing from sending you this.. I am just a freelance writer helping out individuals.

    I was hoping Singapore hospitals will organize an event, seminar or forum about Scoliosis (My cousin has scoliosis but none of our family members/friends understand no matter how much I explain) and also I saw one young malay girl, she has Scoliosis at SGH but time limits me from getting to her and talk to her more.

    Recently I came across an awareness page and found out that young girl I saw is the admin of the page.
    Her Facebook awareness page is ..


    I saw her post about being a model. If by chance you or your contacts are looking for new models, you may try to look for that young lady. She has scoliosis but I see she is keen even though looking bent and obvious hump. Perhaps able to make her wishes came true for 1 time photography session before her second spine op due this month? She mention on her personal profile though.

    Thanks for your time reading my long post (:

    Shayna Chia (always remain anonymous)

  3. I want to live a life so full and so bright but my wings has been tapered for far too long. Till my divorce from a man I never thought would leave me. Now I am still afraid but I am trying to pick the pieces on the floor and try to stand up on my own two feet. It’s an invincible struggle that no one can see or tell. I hide so well that all

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