Peace and War.


This picture was snapped 9 years ago summer school in Salamanca. The importance of education, Spanish, making friends from all over the globe and annoying authorities (see Professor’s face). Te echo de menos mis amigas. Even more so now when the adult working world I am in is rather disappointing. Nothing in school prepared me for the. type. of. people. I. face. in. the. course. of. work. Maybe on top of Maths and Science, we should make Philosophy a mandatory course of study. And everyone should learn 2 or more foreign languages. People should have a chance to study or live or work overseas for a considerable period of time in our life. It should be drilled into our brain that being kind is more important than being wealthy. And extending an olive branch is more gracious than screaming at each other. Everyone should read War and Peace. I am not any better. I don’t like myself either when I am in Singapore. That is the truth. I should not blame the city. I should ask myself why instead. My team looks up to me. They watch my every step and so I have to do the right thing. A good leader has to be a bigger person and look at the forest instead of focusing on a tree. So I can’t get mad. I can’t get even either. I just have to pray that each email I read will not break my morale further. Sometimes a good bottle of red wine help. Sometimes looking up from my laptop at the seaview in front of me helps. Sometimes taking a long hot shower helps. Whatever works. 

I hope WordPress auto deletes post like this after 24hrs like Snapchat. Everyone always feels much better after 24hrs.




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5 responses to “Peace and War.

  1. Sharon, thank you for sharing this.

    The points you raised – from studying overseas, to learning an extra language, to being gracious and kind – I wholeheartedly agree.

    And I will always bear those in mind. Stay strong. And 頑張ってください!

    The twenty year old Boy you happened to carry when he was three.

    • I carried you when you were three!? Omg!

      • I recall you should be on set firming 《成人杂志》@ Bendemeer. I remember you were the only person I recognised then. I admit, rather shyly however, that I look up to you then and now.

        I like how you always carry an air of spontaneity while hosting and professional vibe on TV.

        I even daresay you are one of the few people who have inspired me to be a emcee.

        And yes, OMGGGG!

      • You totally made my day thank you thank you so much. Let me know if I can be of any help. 🙂

      • You wouldn’t believe that I am actually beaming ear to ear on the bus. For now, I would like to build my own road and see where I will reach! Meanwhile, I am just glad to be have made your day!
        Keep slaying at StyleXStyle!

        And belated mid-autumn.

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