Love Will Play Its Part.


Today my vocal coach Professor Haymon said to me, see Sharon, you are learning how to sing.

I replied, no, I am learning to live.

In the past 26 vocal sessions with Alvin and Professor Haymon, I was constantly reminded to breathe and to let go. Two things I fail to do, when I sing.

The same two flaws of mine, in life. And I see that now. I am often out of breath, and I hold on tightly to everything, rarely letting things pass.

Now that I am so blessed and privileged to be part of this passionate team, I am determined to live this experience to the fullest. Peel away, the layers of protective facades, and see the raw youth I once laughed at. I am ready to be ridiculed.



The LKY Musical. Opens 21 July 2015, at the MasterCards Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from SISTIC

I’ll be there.



4 thoughts on “Love Will Play Its Part.

  1. While your previous tv appearances has the “public face”, your writings, on the other hand, are incredibly intimate and poignant. Even while you have not revealed much about your private life, I hope you found the happiness you deserve. I hope someday you feel comfortable enough to reveal your husband. Love is a wonderful thing, don’t have to be afraid or hide it. There will always be narrow-minded people who likes to talk s**t for the sake of dissing others to make themselves seem better, but there are also always people who support you, watched you grow, and hope to share your happiness too. Do not forget this. I wish you the best. P.S : Your writings are great, I hope you write more often.

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