Dreams Do Come True 

Be ready. And when opportunity strikes, go for it.
Even if people are going to mock you even if you are going to get ridiculed, fear not. People laugh and people forget. But you, you would have done it. You would have realized a dream.

There is no other secret to living your passion, except
real. solid. hard. work.

2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True 

  1. yes real solid hard work.
    it is important to do something for passion but sadly, these days many dont do it because everybody just want more money and stability.

  2. Good Evening Miss Au, my name’s chad and it would be a great help if you could share with me some of your experiences in SILS Waseda University. I ‘m currrently in the SAF as a regular and got a scholarship to study overseas. I managed to get an offer from SILS however it seems that Waseda is not on the approved list. I’m trying to write in to try and appeal for it to be approved so that i can study there, thank you very much

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