What is styleXstyle?

The other day, I drove past Ion Orchard’s giant screen and I was filled with immense pride, because I looked up, and lo and behold, ourstyleXstyle bracelet ad was playing on the screen! And just when the light turned green and I reluctantly had to drive on, albeit at 20km/hr with my eyes still lingering on our anniversary bracelet on Zoe Tay’s slim wrist, another light bulb popped in my head:


Yes! With a new found energy, I gathered the 2 youngest members of the team to execute Project Fashion Game Changers.

1. My new marketing genie, Rishon.


She mumbles a lot and half of the time my old granny ears could not catch what she is saying but she has been my pillar of support since the day she joined our mad house.

2. styleXIntern, Leona


This is the girl who never stops surprising me with her Instagram photos, the girl whom I call oh-stylomilo-nananaz. She is petite and speaks in a very meek voice, but she has dreams bigger than Goliath, and she became one step closer to attaining them the day she wrote to me and asked to join our crazy family.

Here’s the thing, I lamented to the girls, some people are still asking me what styleXstyle is. It is indeed a very humbling question. But at the same time, it is to me akin to a “what is life” type of inquisition, not so philosophical of course, but somehow similar, because there is no one singular answer. Short of being pretentious and saying styleXstyle is whatever you want it to be, we are indeed not merely a fashion website. There is a lot of heart going on here in this tiny windowless office. We want to gather a group of fashionable people who are inspired and who inspire. We want to promote young and talented designers, fashion influencers, new labels, new brands, new acts. We want to nurture whoever is out there with a dream, because I believe that styleXstyle will be a jumping board to get you where you want to be. Eventually.

So here I am at my community page and I see many young people who constantly post your OOTDs on styleXstyle, who wear more character than clothes, more attitude than affluence.

I want to celebrate you.

And I want to thank you for making styleXstyle what we are today.


So what is styleXstyle?

styleXstyle is a unique blend of creativity and content, spirit and substance.

We are one giant runway that leads you to an escapade into self expression.

So allow this old Auntie Au to encourage you, to share your style.

There are many of us who yearn to be inspired, sometimes simply by knowing that there are many people out there who share the same passion for beautiful things.

Show me your OOTDs, show me who you are.

Let your voice be heard.

On http://www.styleXstyle.com

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