Finally, after all these months of late nights and cup noodles, my baby project is born. Here you go 10-day countdown campaign starts today!!

Here you go!!!


One thought on “Fashion-obsessed?

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I remember reading one of your posts about you missing Tokyo, missing yourself in another city. Three years ago, I went to the UK to pursue my degree and now I’ve graduated and moved back to Singapore. I’d just like to ask how did you manage to get through the transition period because I am finding it really really tough to get over. I miss the kind of independence and freedom I have over every little decision I have over my life. I can’t help but to keep comparing how it’s so good in the UK and how horrible it is over here. Every day I wished I was still in the UK. I’m sorry I came to your blog and left you such a depressing comment. But I thought maybe someone who has been through this before could share with me how they have overcome this tough period. The feeling doesn’t seem to fade and it probably won’t for a very long time. But how can I just psyche myself not to feel this way?

    Thank you for even taking time off to read this.

    Eunice Chua

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