¨si gravis brevis, si longus levis¨

Hey you:
It’s been the best August of my 36 years.
Coming back to Singapore hasn’t been easy. Things have moved into transition and I could not help but feel intense disenchantment. Many of you are fully aware of this and I thank you with all my heart for your patience.
Yet, my birthday month of August had been FABULICIOUS.

Thank you for all your messages, the dinner parties, the music, the company, the love.
My time here is short, but I have no doubt it will be a blast.
Love, Me.



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4 responses to “¨si gravis brevis, si longus levis¨

  1. Karen

    You are such amazing individual, except try stay out of politics..

  2. you are who you are. a strong women and wisdom i know of. dare to dream a word you say before. you make your dream come true with your effort.

  3. Jamie


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