In A Heartbeat.

Hello Singapore, I am home.

NDP 2011 Official Website:


28 thoughts on “In A Heartbeat.

  1. 6 years of life experience away from entertainment scene and aboard would have changed a person mindset…totally…

    But still feels that Sharon Au should return back to entertainment scene, its a waste if she didn’t…

    She is a Singapore talent..

  2. 6 years of life experience away from entertainment scene and aboard would have changed a person mindset…totally…

    But still feels that Sharon Au should return back to entertainment scene, its a waste if she didn’t…

    She is a Singapore talent..

  3. the video just made me teared… T.T

    just feeling that it’s been so long to see u appearing in media/acting…really glad that u represented something for us and singapore again. and the song is touching….

    for a touching and real story-like NDP MV.
    thanks sharon!

    1. the MV is made in a well-thought manner.

      “how come Sharon the grandma never appear when the grandson just born?”
      then the music came to it’s climax while the answer appeared in thought, triggers me to cry… :“(

  4. Hi Sharon, welcome back to Singapore! It must be difficult to adjust back to Singapore after such a long time and I wish you all the best! Just want to let you know that you’ve been missed on-screen and can’t wait to see you back on television! 🙂

  5. good to see on screen again; hope you are finding contentment pursuing whatever interests you more. anyway, i thought the wig and the whole image looked familiar… then i realised it reminds me of 啊好好介绍!:P

  6. “Her loveliness I never knew, until she smiled on me; Oh! Then I saw her eyes was bright, a well of love – a spring of light” -HartleyColeridge

    I didn’t realise it was you @ CMPB tonight with that quick smile you shared, but you made a difference in my (rough) day, so thank you..

  7. Its a waste that you don’t show your talent and draw a line to this website when Sharon,you are back in singapore (be in indoors or outdoors). Safe and sound. How nice!! i m glad that you are back. 🙂

  8. Lols, all the old fans coming back. 90s babies anyone? The MV came us a surprise, any more surprises in store for us?

  9. Really glad that you decided to accept the offer to be involved in the NDP musical after so many years away. You’re one of the most versatile hosts I’ve seen in S’pore and I swear you did a really awesome job tonight. No doubts about that. And I don’t think there’s anyone else who would have fit into that role as great as you did. *applause!* 🙂 I really loved it!

  10. Dear Sharon
    Thank you for coming back to Singapore and took part in this year NDP 2011. I am very touched by your performance in the show and your interaction with your “son” Reuben Goh is really genuine and touching. I am sadden by the scene that you “die”.

    I read about your decision to become a Manager in Mediacorp and I believe the lyrics of the NDP Theme Song 2011 speaks to you especially “This is my start, a new beginning”. I believe that it will be a pity and a great loss to Singapore if you stop being an actress or an emcee. However, whatever path you choose, I will always support your decision. Once again, thanks for making this NDP 2011 a memorable one for me.

  11. Sharon, i am touched by your speech during TT’s rally…

    Your feel is exactly what singapore needs right now…

    We are in a very dangerous crossroad…

    Very divided in political….

  12. But I am going for Tan Cheng Bock,
    he will hold accountability on reserves,
    he votes in the parliament for people first follow by party (TCB don’t follow party whip to vote)
    He will ask all the political party.. leaders for meeting to break the ice.
    He is able to get respect from both pro-govt and opposition side
    I really hope to vote for TT..
    but on the bases to heal the nation..
    I vote for TCB…

    TT is the best person no doubt..
    but he will never gets the support of the 30% of the extreme opposition. (it’s not his fault)

    TJS will never get the support of the pro-govt side..

    TKL smart, successful but not cut for political roles.

  13. hello sharon. it’s really good that while you left singapore, your heart is still here. good that you still value your roots and the country. because no matter how long we’ve been away, there’s a time when we need to come back. even if we’ve changed, there’s no need to be affected by what other says, because by coming back, you’re using whatever knowledge you’ve learnt overseas to contribute to your country.

    this is commendable because very few people who go overseas actually do come back.

    i think you’re a great inspiration to many because of the way you have control over your life and are not afraid to achieve your dreams. congrats and may you lead a happy and meaningful life.

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