March 26th 2011







27 thoughts on “Graduation.

  1. Even thou this would have been a joyous occasion to you (congrats to you on your graduation btw), however the ongoing nuclear crisis still poses a threat to anyone staying in Northern Japan. Hope that you can come back to SG soon, as some may be very worried for u.

  2. 卒業おめでとうございます。

  3. Hi Sharon
    Congrats on your graduation! You are full of admiration. I wish I have a daughter like you. You look so much prettier now, so sweet and naturally beautiful. Good Job and with your intelligence you can go far in everything you pursue. =)

  4. Hi Sharon,

    This is Boris, glad to hear that you are back safely, did not want to stress you when the disaster happened, am sure you are flooded with much concerns and msgs…

    Anyway, welcome home and I’m sure we will meet someday… in MCS?

    Boris Boo a.k.a 巫培双

  5. Hi Sharon! Glad you’re back in Singapore now! For the past few years, I’ve been thinking of whether you will keep staying in Japan for long. But I’m happy that you’re finally back!

    Oh, just to ask you will you be attending the Star Awards on 17th & 24th of April?

    I miss your presence on TV! 😦

    Hope to get a reply from you soon 🙂


  6. Hi Sharon

    haha nice photo and interviews! @ 8 days 🙂
    All the best to your new appointment!! i know this is silly.. we wanted to go japan, hokkaido honeymoon end nov 😦 do you think the trip is still feasible looking at current situation.

    p.s. my heart goes to them. gambatte!!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply!!

      Yes of course I don’t see a problem why you can’t go to Hokkaido for your honeymoon! Go ahead and have lots of fun!
      Congrats and may your new life as a couple be beautiful as always!

  7. Welcome home. I know about your bond the time I heard from your mum. At that time, I knew the challenges and pressure you might face, coming back here.

    From your entries, I hear you: the freedom, the un-expectations, basically your life away from here. I understand, its leaving home for home. In any case, I am sure your mum is happy and comforted to have you back.

    I just want to give you my blessings. Be strong and stay true to urself. Bonne courage! Ce n’est pas facile, mais pour vous, Je croire vous pouvez être bien!

    P.s. d’accord si Je tu-toiyais?

  8. hi sharon. glad to have u back in Singapore. we have waited for u for so long! I miss watching 成人杂志 and 播音人 ! can u consider to create fb fan page, twitter or weibo ? 因为你在幕后工作很少有机会能见到你所以希望能通过these social website to be connected to you.
    sorry for my poor language (^_−)−☆

  9. Hi Sharon!
    Just thought about you all of a sudden.
    i’ve watched you whilst growing up and you’ll always be my favourite artiste 🙂


  10. dearest sharon i myself hav left home for ten yrs in my 30s too.its great to c u happy n still going strong.u hav inspired me to further my studies.its ok to branch into other stuff.put everythg aside,hear nthg,see nthg n thnk nthg of wht others think of.jus b yourself.keep well n kp up the good wrk.

  11. Hi Sharon, so surprised and happy to see you at Fish & Co last night. How I wish I could chat more with you. All the best in your work, love and endeavours! がんばって!

  12. Thank you for leaving me such encouraging messages dear friends…

    I have not been writing because I am still trying to adjust to life back here in Singapore.
    It hasn’t been all smooth sailing of course, after all, I have been away for a long time.
    I will be fine, and I am grateful for your kind thoughts and positive energy!


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