Education is not a spectator sport.

Dearest Professor Waters,

Thank you once again for imparting your wisdom and wit to our class with so much patience. It has truly been an honor, and I have never been more proud to be able to proclaim to the rest of the world that I was once taught by you, a sage who loves fishing, bats, and his daily headstands.

I only just read your mail on waseda net-portal about my score for my legal studies paper, and even though it is already 330hr in the morning, I am jumping with joy in my tiny room!

I told my mum yesterday that you said that I should go to law school, and that is by far, the biggest compliment I have ever received in my 35 years of existence. There is no higher accolade.

I will definitely visit Yale Law School someday. To savor the yummy ice cream that you were raving about today, to immerse myself in the beauty of the law, and last but not least, in homage to you, I will steal a plate from the school cafeteria.

Yours sincerely,
Sharon Au

PS. I am now motivated to start reading up on bats, and how they are a gem to our environment.

I will not let you down.

21 thoughts on “Education is not a spectator sport.

  1. Sharon AU !!!
    Ca va ? quoi de neuf ?
    New York Trip is soon coming ! SO JEALOUS !!!
    I really want to fly over there and meet you guys but I think I’ll stay here study hard on my french… 🙂
    Take care Sharon!
    Je t’embrasse.
    Bisous de Paris

  2. HI SHARON!!! happened to chance upon your blog from some random singapore tv guide site and i must say, reading your blog had succeeded in making me think much more about my current life. studying may be important but whats more to life is that one must love what she is doing and from what I see from your blog, you are! the life you are leading now is seriously a great motivation to me now. it makes me wanna grow from within, to dapple my life with knowledge, culture, love and friends.

    may you love what you are doing always and be happy 🙂

  3. 期待您回新后利用留学经验、制作具有知性的节目,提升本地媒体的文化水平和教育价值。五年后可以负笈美国攻读JD文凭。

  4. Hello Sharon,
    i have been reading your blog from time to time,
    you are a 素晴らしい女性です、your Eng, Chinese, Jap, French are all
    so good, even though I cannot understand French but somehow I believe you are good at it too, 本当に感心です、
    and whatever you do or wherever you are, you are enjoying your life
    to the fullest which clearly can be felt and seen just by reading your blog and seeing
    all your happy pics, i really must learn from you, I believe as alwasy, good surprises will be
    waiting for you in this year, take care and hope to hear from your blog updates again,

  5. hi Sharon! u’ll be coming back to singapore soon i heard!!! great that u have completed your studies for the time being, and reaching such great achievement!
    Will be looking forward to your contribution to back to MDC, and also wishing you all the best if you are going to further your studies in Law! =))

    PS: 希望能接到你的机 when you coming back to singapore!

  6. Hey Sharon,

    U okay in Japan? earthquake… … hope u fine, God Bless You …. …

    Write a post if u fine , let us know … …

  7. Your work in entertainment and your blog has been an inspiration to this St Nicholas (13 years) junior of yours. Glad to hear you’re safe 🙂 注意し続けてください!

  8. Hey sharon , great to hear that .

    Situation permit , fly back to singapore first … … take care //


  9. Hi Sharon. Jus found out tt there was another earthquake in Tokyo. Hope u are ok now. The risk from the radiation is still high. Hope that you can come back safely.

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