Sois heureux..

Sois heureux un instant

cet instant

c’est toute ta vie

—Omar Khayyam.

Be happy

even for a moment

This moment

Is your whole life.

9 thoughts on “Sois heureux..

  1. 好美的一句話。。 快樂的片刻是永無止境的生活回憶錄。。 菁仙姉さん!! 最近はどうですか?? 今日本にいらっしゃいますか?? 会いたいね♡

  2. how long have you been studying nihongo to be fluent enough to study in japan? and how much does it cost in total, to study there? 私も日本へ勉強しに行きたい。^^

  3. hey Sharon! nice pics there!
    still so pretty!!! ^^
    missing u so much…
    n i’m here, specially, to wish u a Happy Birthday! ^^
    wishing u happiness 4eva! smilez~!

  4. Happy birthday Sharon. May the best be with u. Hope u are happy and blessed. Wish you and ur family good health.

    With love ,

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