Oh Gaga…My favourite part of the concert.

I had such a great time last night Gaga. I haven’t let my hair down in a very long time.
And today this song kept looping in my head.
I am going crazy, thinking of all my lovely friends I’m going to say goodbye to.
I wished that we never have to leave Waseda.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

and then life is over.

C’est fini.
Je vais être emprisonnée à nouveau dans les ténèbres de l’ombre.

17 thoughts on “Speechless.

  1. 我明年三月底畢業,謝謝你們的關心!

      1. hi qi xuan, I am not sure if this is the address cos SILS office is on the 4th floor but that’s not the point, as more importantly, i appreciate your kind gesture sincerely from the bottom of my heart but please don’t send me anything. Especially not to Waseda they would definitely not welcome the idea of receiving mails on behalf of students.
        Thank you for your kind thoughts again, and for following mine so ardently.

      2. oh, i totally understand.

        you know you have help me to be strong thru the toughest time, so i really would love to show my appreciation and also share this very special gift with you

        Thank Sharon. God bless you and your family always

  2. Hey Sha’!

    Don’t be sad. I know what you feel. Leaving friends is, like, one ogf the harder thing life gives us, but your friends are your strenght and your soul. Wherever you’ll go, you’ll have friends to see and to share with. And wherever you are, you think about them and they think about you. At least, that’s what I do.

    I love you so much ❤

    1. ahhhhh Johan tu me manques beaucoup!!!
      Merci pour tes petits mots c’est très gentil!
      à propos, Lady Gaga elle est vraiment genial!!!!!! Tu vas aller voir son concert avec Melissa n’est-ce pas? Amusez-vous bien et criez beaucoup!!!!!! J’ai perdu ma voix après avoir crié toute la soirée!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    How did you enroll into Wasede University? Did you take EJU exam before you register for your studies at Wasede? =)

  4. … we all miss you back home =) 加油 on your studies sharon!!!

    and come back one day… it’s not too late 😉
    but of course we know its selfish for us to wish that. you are living your life to the fullest girl!

  5. WOW. was wikipedia-ing Australian foreign policy and *pOof* am at the blog of a media-corp artist that i had once sooo adored : ) and you’re studying abroad like i am.

    I’m so totally feeling you right now. am finishing uni this semester in June. and am so very torn about returning ‘home’ to Sg T_T. Havent been back in Sg for 4 years and i’ve got my frens, my lifestyle, my routines all here. my parents and frens in Sg are anxiously looking forward to seeing me too. but somehow.. they feel so alien.

    anyways erhmmm gambatei – nei ! (yes i learnt that off your shows and took me ages to kick the habit of adding -neh to all my sentences >_<")

  6. Hey Sharon!
    I miss you man! I’m one of your fans in Singapore! =D
    Now they are airing the new season of City Beat and without 阿好 is really nothing, at least for me.
    I hope I can see you on TV performing for us again.
    Miss you! <3333

  7. 哈咯!!! 好久没到你的部落格,阅读你每一篇的文章,都让人有所启发。 知道你过得很好,希望你继续加油!

  8. havent been here for quite a long time, but everytime reading ur blog gives me a kind of indescribable feeling. and yeah i feel you..am currently on exchange in china..and returning home to sg soon too..sigh..so many mixed feelings..

  9. Hi Dear Sharon
    miss you in our singapore TV..good to know you are enjoying oversea 🙂 hope to see you in new “city beat” hehe, you are always so energetic and lively on screen . 🙂

    may i know what is your favorite makeup e.g. foundation, powder? you always look so fresh in your picture and i wonder what gives..hope you can share!! hehehe if ok, please let me know your favorite skincare too ok 🙂

    Tiffany from singapore

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      I like RMK’ s products..very natural,clean and light. As for skincare I don’t fix myself to one particular brand, but for the moment, my daily regime is RMK soap cleanser, and Sisley eye gel.
      I think less is more, unless when faced with problematic skin.

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