Crazy about this song.

Crazy about Johnny Depp,
and riding the vélib on the streets of Paris, navigating my way through her feeling as free as a bird,
I’m crazy about feeling unbound.
Of not being told what to do or not to.

You don’t know me so don’t even try.

Let me steer my way through on my own terms.
And you will see,
I will arrive.

Il ne faut jamais juger les gens sur leurs fréquentations.
Tenez, Judas par exemple,
il avait des amis irréprochables.

Make my bed, and light the light
I’ll arrive late tonight
Bye bye..


9 thoughts on “Crazy about this song.

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I know you are in France now and very busy. But I’m going to Hokkaido in late September. Could you recommend where can I go and what gifts from Hokkaido can I get for my family and friends?



  2. i love Johnny Depp too! isnt he awesome lo? hehe…. anyway, take care and just dropping a note to say hi and hope everything is well and fine… 🙂

    avoir une bonne journée!


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