Could someone teach me how to say NO?

When I need to calm down.
This is my elixir.

PLEASE  go away.

It is useless screaming AT your blog you stupid turkey,
learn to say NO to:
bureaucratic bêtes, shallow imbéciles, ignorant fous, selfish sots.

Do something you stupid fool and stop getting bullied and being taken advantage of
your whole freaking life

Instead I screamed at an innocent person who was just trying his best to love me.
I’m so sorry I screamed at you J.
I am so sorry I stormed around Ikea and threw boxes at you.(OK just one box and one magazine..)

I am a monster.
And you just stood there loving me.
Je suis vraiment désolée mon coeur..
Tu ne m’en voudras pas?





8 thoughts on “Could someone teach me how to say NO?

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I would really love to see your photo with your bf? When are you planning to get marry ? But I guess its pretty hard while you’re studying and getting married n building up a family..rite

    Hope you have a nice day x0x0


  2. oh here’s a recommendation : watch the movie The Legend of 1900 if you haven’t. I’m quite into Ennio Morricone too. it’s a movie with a very very brilliant and touching soundtrack of his works.

  3. hello sharon! just came back from tokyo & i think im beginning to love that place too.. hehe.. 🙂 anyway, I am also throwing temper at my loved one sometimes but well.. so long as dun take it for granted, im sure our loved ones will understand.. 🙂 take care!

  4. Hello Sharon sister, my frenz and I was ur fans last time… till now we r still…. we love u!!!

    Wow, ur bf is so good to u….. how i wish my bf can be like urs too… i dunno, coz we never quarrel b4… yet…. Haha!! be happy… coz i think sometimes throwing temper at ur loved ones is normal coz u feel more close to them tats y u dare to show it to them… which is not a bad thing too… BUT, not too many times tho… it’s good to know tat he is so understanding and loving… treasure him, u got ur MR. RIGHT…. ^^

    take care and stay happy!!

    with lots of love,

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