All’s say

and all is necessary..


This song tears one’s souls apart.
One feels the grief of time passing, fond regrets, lovers’ goodbyes and legacy of pain and loss.

“demain il fera jour”..

5 more papers to go!!!


8 thoughts on “All’s say

  1. My neighbours are still partying. `
    It is almost 2am in the morning.
    For 3 consecutive nights.
    I can’t help but wonder, don’t they have exams?
    This is exam period and this is a students’ residence.

    I envy them. I really do.
    And I quite enjoy the loud music..makes me wanna stand up and dance too!
    But I have to study comparative law..merde!!

    I took a break and started doing housework..mopped the floor cleaned the bathroom and the sinks..folded my clothes and changed my bedsheets.
    Haha at 2am in the morning.
    I must be going nuts.
    Maybe I should start preparing my ingredients for tomorrow’s curry lunch?
    Chop up some carrots and green peppers perhaps?

    Ok back to law..

  2. hello Sharon
    love the video=)
    i feel exactly the way you do

    take care and all the best for your exams
    although you may lost some things , i am sure you have found something more precious in return
    jia you!=D

  3. hello!!! rem to take good care of your health even when studying for your papers wo… gambatte! 🙂 cheers…

  4. Hi Sharon, hope you are well indeed :p

    FYI, I have passed my exams finally and I finally do it myself! !Bravo; guess i gotta look after my son too at the age of 1 and a half ! He’s really cheer me up no matter how sad I am sthimes.

    I understood u got an exams coming soon; i will pray to God’s …… How’s your life now and are you still in Tokyo? I do not knw whether you already got married or not..but somehow i knw you have someone in love with you lotssa….

    Gotta tell you a good news now, I’m expecting for my second child….longing to have another sibling for my elder one :0 Going to due by Oct 09 and it’s awesome to gain back all the experience once again…

    Here I wanna sooo much to share with you a verse captured in the Bible

    ” And do not be fashioned according to this age, BUT be transformed by the renewing of the mind that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is GOOD and WELL pleasing and perfect”
    – Romans Chap12:2

    May you enjoy HIS riches words today ..

    Take care x0x0

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