One Night Only.


22 avril.
Le spectacle de la danse!!!!

It was unforgettable mes chers camarades de danse!
What an adrenalin rush-18 chorégraphies-quick change-KICK ASS-night!

Yes the audience loved us.
Oh and how I laughed.
Can’t remember the last time I rocked the stage but yes I had a blast.

merci beaucoup à tous..décidément c’est le meilleur souvenir de ma vie à Lyon 3.

Thank you everyone for cheering us on!
Amilus, Yuki, Naoko, Nanami, Yuri, Yoann, Elisa, je suis touchée que vous soyez venus!!!

♥ J, ta presence m’a encouragé tellement!
J’ai toujours le sourire aux lèvres grâce à toi..=)
Je me suis éclatée!!!!

KISSES to all!!

7 thoughts on “One Night Only.

  1. hello Sharon! Watched the Star Awards 2009 and suddenly reminded me of u hosted for last year Star Awards, thats when I began to search for your blog and finally found it! Read all the way from Apr 2007 till now… Really happy that you are at the best of your life and I am sure you are enjoying it v v much now. Still.. missed your shows on Ch 8 and hoping so much that you can go back to hosting again but well.. TO EACH OF ITS OWN.. hee… so long as your happy can already. Stay HAPPY & PRETTY ALWAYS… =)

  2. 凱玲,
    Wow you read all the entries of my blog!! Thank you!!
    Haha sometimes I do that too just to walk down memory lane..
    But yes, contentment surpasses all wealth.
    I am fine as long as I stay away from Singapore. =)

    Yes Gavin, it felt really SPLENDID to be back on stage.

    Prom queen!!!!!!!!!

  3. you replied!! hee…!! i have been coming back here juz to see if you drop any note. =p *happy* thx for the time thou.. 🙂 yup yr blog entries left me pondering for a long time… and i become kinda emo after that… i guess i really dun hv your courage & determination to go through all these… *full of admiration & envy* whatever it is, JIA YOU oh..!

  4. J’ai vu le DVD.
    C’était un spectacle vraiment spectaculaire..
    Après que je l’ai vu, tous les danseurs me manquent PLUS!!

    Plus important, c’est pour moi le meilleur souvenir de ma vie à Lyon.
    L’argent ne donne pas tel grand souvenir.

    Merci à tous..

    Je me sens trop triste et j’ai envie de pleurer en écrivant il n’y a plus de cours de danse dé je rentrerai à Tokyo en septembre…

    Au revoir mes très chers danseurs!!
    Et BON COURAGE pour le prochain spectacle l’année prochaine!!!

    (Si vous venez à Tokyo dites moi!!!!!!!!!!)

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