un sinistre pressentiment

“C’était l’heure

où le chagrin s’ouvre quelque part,

comme un pétunia,

pour l’insomnie”

–Léon-Paul Fargue

Je ne le désire plus…Elle n’a point de l’âme et son peuple est moche et ignorant.

Je ne veux plus l’agent la renommée ni ta reconnaissance. Je vous demande juste simplement de me donner la tranquillité  de l’esprit. Ne pénétrez jamais s’il vous plaît dans l’ intimité de moi.

J’écris pour les gens généreux qui aiment la vie, qui ont un coeur ouvert aux idées neuves, et qui m’aiment. Pas pour que vous pouvez discuter ou bavader sur ma vie. C’est dégueulasse. Désolée mais je ne le supporte PAS DU TOUT.

Chacun son goût.

Vivez votre propre vie s’il vous plaît.


La courtoisie de base. C’est tout.

12 thoughts on “un sinistre pressentiment

    I think I know what you are talking about… We discussed it when we had a lunch together, didn’t we?

    I posted something new on my blog *just to tell it’s not dead!*

  2. oh sharon,

    finally found you… so great to know that you are doing well.
    You have been a role model to me, your “never say die” spirit.
    can i have your two cents worth on how to handle life when is in a turmoil?

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I’ve been reading your blog because i think u lead a very enriching life overseas. I would like to ask you have you been to Osaka from Tokyo? What info i have found online traveling to and fro Osaka n Tokyo are all very expensive. Any idea where i can go osaka at a reasonable price? Sorry for this sudden question..

  4. 昨天看到CH8重播‘行行出藝人’。。。呢。。就是你和文勇大哥搞的那集嘍。。。你當了一天的店長啊。。還被3個臨時演員整骨的那集。。。已經是很久很久的事了。。。




  5. To Bibiana,

    I don’t know how to handle life. AT ALL.
    Haha and I don’t think anyone truly knows how to either.. I guess one simply takes life as it comes..one struggles through by hook or by crook one gets by.

    I either LAUGH when things go wrong and repeat “UNBELIEVABLE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” over and over again or I CRY and get the pain over and done with..
    Either way nothing works. Ever.

    Life is cruel.
    Life is also beautiful.
    Life is a tragic joke.

    To Jane,

    Yes I’ve traveled to Osaka from Tokyo via Shinkansen. Indeed the bullet train is rather expensive. I think you could probably take the overnight bus I am sure that would be less costly, although I’m sorry I don’t know the details cos I have never done that before.

  6. hey thanks so much for the reply. i would continue to search for more means to travel! btw, are you coming back any sooner??

  7. hi sharon..

    this is the first time i visit ur blog and i realize that u really know quite a few languages right??
    its so cool that u know how to speak french..!!

    Do u reply people Questions??

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