When I was growing up, I’ve been told that there are good and bad people.The pure and the evil.

The sisters in my convent school did console me, however, that as long as one stands straight, tall and upright, be steadfast in faith, virtuous in duty, truthful, loyal, and be a walking testimony of all things Godly, nothing can/will harm you.


er hum..

I turn to poetry again to seek some form of relief and understanding.Nothing else could do a better job, not friends, not mothers, not prayers. You have to sort it out in your own ways. I used to cry in the shower when I feel under the weather, I still do but less often now. Instead, the literary world offers all that I need.

Chanson. By Alfred de Musset.

J’ai dit à mon coeur, à mon faible coeur:
N’est-ce point assez d’aimer sa maîtresse?
Et ne vois-tu pas que changer sans cesse,
C’est perdre en désirs le temps du bonheur.

Il m’a répondu: Ce n’est point assez,
Ce n’est point assez d’aimer sa maîtresse;
Et ne vois-tu pas que changer sans cesse
Nous rend doux et chers les plaisirs passés?

J’ai dit à mon coeur, à mon faible coeur:
N’est-ce point assez de tant de tristesse?
Et ne vois-tu pas que changer sans cesse,
C’est à chaque pas trouver la douleur?

Il m’a répondu: Ce n’est point assez,
Ce n’est point assez de tant de tristesse;
Et ne vois-tu pas que changer sans cesse
Nous rend doux et chers les chagrins passés?










10 thoughts on “欺善怕惡

  1. Hey Sharon,

    i love reading ur thoughts entry =)

    are you or your friends being bullied? i was being bullied in sch since my primary sch days. haha. Cried many times, Feel slightly better after pouring out sadness. But tears are still tears, circumstances will not be change. Circumstances will not being changed until otu mindset is changed.
    Base in Spore, i cant do anything for you but I pray that these bullies will realised what they did is wrong. (haha,, i think i got a niave thinking)

    I feel bullies reach in such a way cos of low self esteem. Maybe they themselves dont know bout it. sometimes i jus feel sympathy for them.

    No matter wad, Stay Strong!

    Hope that Year 2009 will be a year of great achievement for you!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    don’t cry juz say ‘FUCK YOU!” and smile … (trust me it helps) 🙂
    reali 心痛..dat u being bullied.. b strong ya… u r nt alone .. .
    cheer up … life goes on.. forget abt all the bad things… hope everything smooth smooth ahead at yr side 🙂


  3. Hello Sharon,
    My name is jeff…
    I feel a lot from reading your post, cos now my job required me to go about to share more about charity donation from door to door, yet many a times, I met rejected or people who doubt our presence and what we are doing and they even used words to harm me and my colleagues of what we are doing to help the charity we are helping… Yet, it is just about meeting people from door to door to spread the words with strangers in my job and be smiling before reaching the next door you will be expecting.
    Thus, for those who doubt or bully the best host I look up to…Jia you! don’t be down of such BULLY…Be strong like you are confident hosting the program which I used to watch, with U smiling in front of the screen with your presentation…
    All the best and jia you! Pick yourself Up ok!
    It ‘s up to us to whether how fast we can to meet the real world before the new challenges comes, just be ready and remember, stand Up for yourself!

  4. Hi Sharon, i’m so excited after getting a chance to bump in your lovely blog. I felt totally nerd now coz my exam is around the corner. I was trying to cope with it but unfortunately my mind was absolutely blank. Luckily it’s not the real exam yet but it’s just aroud the corner on 21Feb.
    Furthermore, I have to cope with my chiild and he is 15mths old. I couldnt concentrate at all **sob sob** coz he used to run around and fight with his cousin’s brother. Im totally bizarre what will turn out if things getting worst like now! But after reading your blog, I am now feeling much better and getting to know you as a real person. Actually sorry to tell you my feelings which I hated **Artist** esp in SGP. I always found they are very cocky and materialistic and stimes I bump into them they were treated themselves like the heavenly king **sigh** But as for now, only I realised how simple an artist like you could be! I honestly salute you !! Being so harworking, humble and hilarious in your inner heart and without a thought of asking for more $$.
    Thank you again letting me to express my feeling to you and here I wish you have a lovely day. Hoping to hear from you too…otherwise Im feeling im just joted some notes on my diary without getting a reply from anyone.


  5. Hi Sharon, this is unrelated to your entry. But anyway, I am very impressed by your mutli-lingual skills! You are one smart and impressive woman!

    Way to go!

  6. Hello Sharon!
    Just dropping by to send my thoughts and say hello, after quite a while., 😉

    Not forgetting also to wish you, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    Smiile Always!

    Love ya,

  7. 謝謝你們在遙遠的一方為我加油!!ShuShu,Jann and Jeff.
    我甚麼都不會 ,就只會忍。

    Good luck for your exams on the 21st , and kisses to your baby! I cannot imagine balancing both school and a kid, BRAVO!! Keep writing..everyone needs an outlet of expression. Don’t ever give up. Keep fighting!

    Thank you Emily and Gavin.
    So was your St Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates and flowers and all things pretty and nice?=)

    Mine was hee heee…

  8. yes, its a lot more cruel when office politics come into play in reality! In fact, pretty disheartening. U just do not understand why people play ‘bully’ to get things their way… but after tears & 委屈,just have to pick yrself up if u still wana do your work! a lot of self-reflection lately… maybe we can build up our ‘Resilience’ from such pple like they r Virus!

  9. Hello Sharon!
    Just dropping by to say hello after seeing your latest news on th paper, really feel happy for you after seeing your photo.

    Times really flies, remember it 10yrs ago 1st seen you in person as you and Huang Sun Fang were firming ” Chen Ren Zha Zhi” in Singapore Poly. Since then feel that you were different from other artist as you behave more ” TRUE”
    Miss you hosting show, when you coming back????
    Anyway take care,


  10. Hi Sharon!
    It seems as though the weather’s still frosty over in Lyon eh? The people in Grand Cafe des Negociants are still dressed with Winter’s. ;O

    Ahh..my valentine’s wasn’t as romantic as yours – Neither flowers nor chocolates! ;P But I treated my date to scones over Cafe Au Lait and that’s the most romantic I could get. LOL ;P

    And….I have not gotten my brownies yet! ;'( Hahaha

    Have a fabulous week ahead!

    Gavin ;P

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