Last night we watched “Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis” on dvd. A hilarious french film by Danny Boon ( my new hero) , which made me laugh till I cried when I first watched it (on board the plane back from Paris to Tokyo in May last year.) The NG shots are not to be missed too and I strongly recommend keeping a copy of the dvd for rainy days and Mondays that always make you cry.

So anyway, we laughed (hysterically) at the same gags and in the same hyena-like-guffaws. I don’t know if you do that but I have the tendency to take that as a very crucial gauge of the extent of the type and sense of humour 2 people have in common.

In conclusion:  yes we belong to the same self-deprecating family. We are both crazy in the same goofy way. The way we lip-sync to a favourite song, dance like idiots when we are in high spirits and chuckle at the most inappropriate moments.

This is chemistry.

Décidément, ya alchimie entre deux nous.

picture-22 picture-11 picture-4 遠在法國雖然沒有絲毫過年的氣氛,但幾個較談得來的朋友聚一聚下廚煮一輛道法國名菜,聊個天翻地覆無聊的話題,聯絡感情也不過僅此而已。 祝福你,尤其是和我一樣獨自在國外留學或工作的你: 農曆新年快樂


15 thoughts on “默契。alchimie。

  1. HAPPY CNY!!

    i’m not celebrating but that’s fine. i’m happy to be back.u will know what i mean when u come back in fall…

  2. hi sharon, you’ve been an inspiration w your writings here and recently even more relevant in my bleak life coz i just lost my job and yet at the brink of delving back into student life with much skeptism.

    i am toying w takin up liberal arts in france. im sorry this has to start this way but if you would drop me an email to help me sort out my thoughts i’d really appreciate it alot.

    anyhow, happy new year to you 🙂

  3. 一個與妳素未謀面的高中學妹
    只是路過 窺探了妳好似聯合國的內心世界
    被妳那句「祝福你,尤其是和我一樣獨自在國外留學或工作的你: 農曆新年快樂」
    Have you ever thought that your life can be someone’s inspiration?
    Because I think somehow it can be.
    願妳一直那麼澎湃 含蓄 豐富 內斂

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Happy Belated CNY :p

    I still remember, when I met you at suntec during a road show a few years back. I was so impressed by as you was telling me that you will come over to me to take picture ( as I am taking picture of you from far away and you notice it ). after tat I just left the even for lunch w/o taking picture with you.. as i saw u very busy and i was thinking u might b forget about what you said to me. 1 hours later after my lunch I passing by the event venue again, then you saw me and you said ” wei, I was looking for you but I didnt see you around for taking picture”… I was so touch..I never imagine that a tv star like you , very friendly ..I really really touch and happy..

    Hope to see you on channel 8 soon

  5. JIE,
    Sorry for the late response..
    When i saw that you has used the word BLEAK, a word incidentally I just splashed on myself last moody-Friday night, (but that’s another story), my heart immediately went out to you.
    I am not a counselor, and I am not qualified to dispense any advice.
    and one cultivates skills to discover what works and what doesn’t.
    All i know is, when I fall into deep abyss of grief, when life seems bleak and meaningless, I march on, I march forward, I try with extreme difficulty not to look back, but instead I search I seek and I learn.
    I picked up new languages. I registered in new courses. I chose subjects most foreign to me so that I do not fall into silly traps of self-indulgence. It is a waste of time.

    Good luck. You can and you will survive. Life can be very very rewarding.
    Believe me.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    is me, Edward here. A friendster friend. Hope you like the poem below….

    I dreamed I stood upon a little hill,
    And at my feet there lay a ground, that seemed
    Like a waste garden, flowering at its will
    With buds and blossoms. There were pools that dreamed
    Black and unruffled; there were white lilies
    A few, and crocuses, and violets
    Purple or pale, snake-like fritillaries
    Scarce seen for the rank grass, and through green nets
    Blue eyes of shy peryenche winked in the sun.
    And there were curious flowers, before unknown,
    Flowers that were stained with moonlight, or with shades
    Of Nature’s willful moods; and here a one
    That had drunk in the transitory tone
    Of one brief moment in a sunset; blades
    Of grass that in an hundred springs had been
    Slowly but exquisitely nurtured by the stars,
    And watered with the scented dew long cupped
    In lilies, that for rays of sun had seen
    Only God’s glory, for never a sunrise mars
    The luminous air of Heaven. Beyond, abrupt,
    A grey stone wall. o’ergrown with velvet moss
    Uprose; and gazing I stood long, all mazed
    To see a place so strange, so sweet, so fair.
    And as I stood and marvelled, lo! across
    The garden came a youth; one hand he raised
    To shield him from the sun, his wind-tossed hair
    Was twined with flowers, and in his hand he bore
    A purple bunch of bursting grapes, his eyes
    Were clear as crystal, naked all was he,
    White as the snow on pathless mountains frore,
    Red were his lips as red wine-spilith that dyes
    A marble floor, his brow chalcedony.
    And he came near me, with his lips uncurled
    And kind, and caught my hand and kissed my mouth,
    And gave me grapes to eat, and said, ‘Sweet friend,
    Come I will show thee shadows of the world
    And images of life. See from the South
    Comes the pale pageant that hath never an end.’
    And lo! within the garden of my dream
    I saw two walking on a shining plain
    Of golden light. The one did joyous seem
    And fair and blooming, and a sweet refrain
    Came from his lips; he sang of pretty maids
    And joyous love of comely girl and boy,
    His eyes were bright, and ‘mid the dancing blades
    Of golden grass his feet did trip for joy;
    And in his hand he held an ivory lute
    With strings of gold that were as maidens’ hair,
    And sang with voice as tuneful as a flute,
    And round his neck three chains of roses were.
    But he that was his comrade walked aside;
    He was full sad and sweet, and his large eyes
    Were strange with wondrous brightness, staring wide
    With gazing; and he sighed with many sighs
    That moved me, and his cheeks were wan and white
    Like pallid lilies, and his lips were red
    Like poppies, and his hands he clenched tight,
    And yet again unclenched, and his head
    Was wreathed with moon-flowers pale as lips of death.
    A purple robe he wore, o’erwrought in gold
    With the device of a great snake, whose breath
    Was fiery flame: which when I did behold
    I fell a-weeping, and I cried, ‘Sweet youth,
    Tell me why, sad and sighing, thou dost rove
    These pleasent realms? I pray thee speak me sooth
    What is thy name?’ He said, ‘My name is Love.’
    Then straight the first did turn himself to me
    And cried, ‘He lieth, for his name is Shame,
    But I am Love, and I was wont to be
    Alone in this fair garden, till he came
    Unasked by night; I am true Love, I fill
    The hearts of boy and girl with mutual flame.’
    Then sighing, said the other, ‘Have thy will,
    I am the love that dare not speak its name…

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