chambre 712


Wow i have spent 3 months in room 712.

I have gotten used to life in a students’ residence, regardless of its size (too small to mention), its simplicity, its lack of any form of design (yes trust me on this), its hideous yellow flooring and a bed so tiny I roll off every now and then in my subconscious nocturnal state.

NOW, I love it so much.

I’m even beginning to find the ancient TV set circa 1982 very retro.



I see snow, this very moment, as I looked out of my window. Lyon is snowing.Lyon is minus one degree celsius.


昨日は遠足で la Dombes, Bresse, Pérouges に行って吹雪があった。


And I am down with a cold.


12 thoughts on “chambre 712

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thank You for the candle wish! It is so nice of you!

    minus one degree celsius, and down with a cold, you must be feeling terrible! Make yourself some HOT!HOT!!HOT!!! ginger tea! Take care!

  2. HI sharon! U ‘re my idol forever! i m so happy that i shared the same name as u!

    I m actually 12 years old but u are my forever idol! Take care !

  3. ello negi xue jie! =)
    t’as attrapé froid? Take good care k! I’m down with a cold too! Paris is freezing as well though not nearly as cold as Lyon.
    Joyeux noël!

  4. 久しぶりです。



  5. Thank you everyone.
    I spent one of my most memorable Christmas this year in the south of France.
    Away from freezing Lyon and away from my tiny room.

    Hope this Christmas had been as meaningful for you as it had been for me..
    AND I wish you all the best in this coming new year..

    2 more days to 2009 OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!!!!!

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