I lost 3 games in a row. 

In fact I have never won so far. 

I really do not mind losing, I just ask for a chance to stand back on my feet again and please please let me fight.

Give me your strength and your wisdom

and I shall not fear. 

In life you win some you lose some. 


don’t rob me

of my will to live

my faith in one’s innocence


the privilege to be loved. 

This is an amazing voyage. 

With all my heart I thank YOU.


Not only for me but I pray for your liberation too. That one day you will be set free. You too can fly fly fly away, someday. That you will be forgiven and you will in turn learn to forgive. That you will learn to love again and be surrounded by family and friends who love you. I pray that you will no longer need to lie. And that you will finally lead the life you have always dreamt of. 





Merci bien ma belle-Frédérique d´avoir m´enseigné la recette! C´est gentil!

150g beurre (butter)

100g sucre (sugar)

2 jaunes d´oeufs (egg yolks)

200 g de farine (flour)

one third cc levure (baking powder)

100 g (or AS MUCH AS I LIKE) de choc blanc (white chocolate) 



Ces ont l´air bons! J´ai hâte de manger!

En fait j’ai déjà mangé tous.



Cher J, bon chance pour ton examen du japonais vendredi! Ace it!! Oui tu peux!!

8 thoughts on “Échec!

  1. i use to see you on tv every week when i was still a little child. looks like you have left mediacrop for many years. hope you’re doing fine 😀

  2. it’s the 45th anniversary event for mediacorp and i thought i could see u on tv again~

    will be joining mediacorp again after ur studies?


  3. hey sharon!! nice cookies!! and hope you are doing fine yea =D.. stay happy!!.. and can ask whether are there any psychology or sociology classes in waseda uni?? planning to go for exchange XD.. Thanks so much for ur time to read this too!! appreciate it lots! =DD take care

  4. Hi joanna,
    Will you be doing your exchange in SILS? If so, i think there are one or two introduction courses on philosophy and sociology (not sure about psychology though) in english. Good luck I’m sure you will love Tokyo!!

  5. Thanks so much for helping Sharon!. hmm sorry but may I know what’s SILS?.. and are lessons in Waseda Uni in english or japanese? sorry for the many questions!! YES!! Tokyo is love! XD and thanks so much again!! take care! wee~

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