another new beginning.

And spent a day au très très romantique Parc de la Tête d’Or.

Do not fear.

New friendships, new attachments, new thoughts.

The promise of dawn


20 thoughts on “another new beginning.

  1. hi sharon.. when will you be back.. its been awhile since we last saw you around.. miss your candid personality and liveliness that you bring to all those around you. take care.

  2. hi sharon, i’m from s’pore and i’m visiting japan w my daughter soon but can i ask you for a favour? My daughter wants to play love and berry in japan but we do not know where’s the location of the sega shop nearest to tokyo shibuya or shinjuku. all words are in japanese and we don understand. i’m trying to source for all data before we go for free and ez. hope you don mind helping my little gal. thanks.

  3. lolls .hello. i lyk u .. my name is also sharon .. see ur other post u ar also havin kao shi rite ? miie too . i am stress too . jas take care! JYJY

  4. hi bel,

    Oh dear what’s “Love and Berry”? I’m so sorry but i don’t know anything about it.. i reckon that must be a computer game? Why don’t you write down the address and maybe my friends in Tokyo could help? =)

    All the best and hope you and your daughter would love tokyo as much as i do.

    Bon voyage!

  5. hi sharon, i saw a report about the photos in a chinese newspaper. all i wanna say is, you are no longer a celebrity now so you don’t have to be under the scrutiny of the media or the public for that matter. it is your personal life of being able to go to europe for your further studies, meet new people & have new experiences. you’ve always been a good role model. がんばってよ!

  6. our world 1st ever F1 nite race kicked off y’day afternoon ..could hear those cars passing by at my work pl. it’s so kool!!! wish u were here too..

  7. Hi Sharon!
    May sound abrupt but came across your name when I was going through wiki about Waseda University in Tokyo. Since I have been away fron S’pore for a long time, didn’t know that you are studying there. 🙂
    Wondering if you could help me out alittle since I am intersted to go study in Sodai – The intensive Japanese Language Course. What are your thoughts on the school and how about being a student in Japan (accomodation, lifestyle etc).
    Having been working for the past 2 years, feels like its is time to actually go and study Japanese which is something that I have been wanting to.
    Would appreciate you assistances.
    Thanks and look forward to your reply.
    *my email is in use as well!


  8. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, very interesting and thoughtful posts, and super impressive due to the use of so many languages. Haha all the best to you and your new relationships(:

  9. HI Jac,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    It has been an amazing journey for me, living and pursuing my studies in Tokyo. To me, Waseda is the best. I shall not hide my love for my Uni, and thus i think i am the wrong person to ask for an objective opinion, as i’m obviously biased.

    You have to be there to find out for yourself, afterall i’ve always believed = “to each his own”, one man’s medicine might be another man’s poison.
    So there you go.

    I find it difficult to describe my life in Japan (and now France), in a mere few words or paragraphs or chapters..
    So much beauty so much peace…i wished that everyone of my friends, including you, could one day experience this stability.

    All the best.=)

    And maybe…see you in Waseda=)

  10. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks for the reply!

    Rather than say ‘biased’, I guess you simply just love the uni. And for that, it gives me the answer I probably need as afterall not all uni cultivates students who love and is bias toward them. 🙂 Guess I am on my way to Shodai. Will be taking on the September 2009 semester (cause do not think I can make it for April 2009). So, I shall see you in Waseda when you are back from lovely Paris! 🙂


    Till then!


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