Bonjour Lyon.

Haiku français which I learnt in class today. A beautiful rendition of autumn’s melancholy by Paul Verlaine.

“Les sanglots longs

des violons

de l’automne

Blessent mon coeur

d’une langueur


Tout suffocant

et blême, quand

sonne l’heure

Je me souviens

des jours anciens

et je pleure

Et je m’en vais

au vent mauvais

qui m’emporte

deça, delà

pareil à la

feuille morte.”

My year in Lyon begins. Autumn 2008. And so I say, Hello loneliness. Bonjour Tristesse.


Peace. Away from all. I soak in my freedom. A falling leaf. I am indeed.

Ran ran and ran…to school, to catch the tram, up the stairs to the classroom. I ran against time, alas, in vain. I run so that i will not miss my family and friends. I run so as to stop reminiscing about memories lost. I run, I pant, I am alive.


the leaf falls

onto the yellow, rustling bed..



12 thoughts on “Bonjour Lyon.

  1. Hey Sharon!
    Haha…you know what? I dreamt of ya last night!

    It was that we were on the same SMRT train on a very rainy day…and chatting!

    Anyway, let the missing of family and friends plus the lost memories be our drive for an ever enlightening school term!

    Have a blessed day ok. 😉


  2. I lived in Lyon for 3 yrs. I hope u fall in love with the city too. It’s a good place to find peace within, especially at le parc de la tete d’or. Bon courage!

  3. Hi Sharon,
    When fear knocks at the door of YOUR MIND, or when worry, anxiety, and doubt cross your mind, behold your vision, your goal.
    Keep on, persevere, until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away. Keep your faith! Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Sharon! I just stumbled on your blog today, and I want to say that you are an inspiration to a young student like me. It seems you are living my dream; I really wish to study/live in Japan and France, and travel around the world. Like you, I share a passion for language but I’m taking sciences at school. I hope I will have the courage to live my dreams. All the best!

  5. You are right Wen, parc de la tête d’or is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I spent the whole afternoon basking under the sun in the park from 1130 to 1900hr..loved it. I love lyonnais cuisine too. Ahhhh i’m slowly falling in love with the city.

    Thank you everyone for your kind encouragement. Sometimes i get overwhelmed by weakness and forget how blessed i actually am to be able to do this at this stage of my life.

    Run Sharon run!

  6. It’s so weird looking at your pictures and actually recognizing most of the places they were taken in. It hurts so much sometimes just to think of those times spent in Lyon and being so far away right now. I guess your blog is my way of living vicariously and to keep my memories of Lyon intact. Thanks and make full use of your time there! Enjoy! 🙂

  7. HI wen,

    Today my class took a long walk in vieux lyon!! I bought 10 euros worth of candies!! and had lunch at LE PETIT GLOUTON!!
    i love vieux lyon!!!


    And Hello Anon,

    My moto —DARE TO DREAM!
    Have faith.
    And anyway failure is nothing to be fearful of…we cry we fall but we begin all over again. Besides, you never know unless you push yourself hard enough, no?

    All DA BEST¡¡¡¡!!!!

    I am sure Gavin, daphne and Cloud will agree with me!
    Thank you for your encouragement!!!

  8. hey sharon!
    you are at france already?
    how is it at lyon?
    haha! i’ll be heading for paris next year jan.
    any idea how is it like there?
    i’m studying business, but have a liking for language.
    would that be too far off?

  9. Bonjour orange!

    Lyon is lovely, and very gentle and friendly..I am slowly getting used to the rhythm of this tranquil city.

    I spent a month in Paris early this year and to me these 2 cities are worlds apart.
    Paris totally rocked my world!!!! Haha!

    Have fun and good luck in Paris!

    You can achieve anything you want as long as you set your heart and soul to it. Cliche but it is true=)

    All the best to you..

    And to you too anon, BON COURAGE!!!!!!!~~~~~

  10. thanks!
    oh~lyon seems pretty relaxed and pretty!
    maybe i’ll drop by that place during my stay in Paris!
    how long does it take from lyon to Paris?
    haha! i’m planning to roam around europe, when time allows!
    any recommendations?
    hmm..and just wondering if you are familiar with banking matters?
    cause i’m not too sure how can i bring bring money there?
    like can i set up an account here is SG or travellers check?

    hear from you soon!

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