stop talking to me. i am reading Voltaire.

At fitful moments in our pain-racked life

the hand of pleasure wipes away our tears

but pleasure passes like a fleeting shade

and leaves a legacy of pain and loss

the past for us is but a fond regret

the present grim, unless the future’s clear

If thought must end in darkness of the tomb

all will be well one day—–so runs our hope

All NOW is well, is but an idle dream

The wise deceive me: God alone is right,

With lowly sighing, subject in my pain

I do not fling myself against Providence

Once did i sing, in less lugubrious tone

the sunny ways of pleasure’s genial rule

The times have changed, and, taught by growing age

and sharing of the frailty of mankind

seeking a light amid the deepening gloom

I can but suffer, and will not repine.

—–Poem on the Lisbon Disaster

by Voltaire.

I don’t expect you to like this poem as much as I do, just know that it has a huge impact on me.

Well stop talking to me, cos you will not like what i say.

I do not wanna discuss politics, cos you listen but do not hear me. Shall we talk about Nov 4th election? Cos i really want to tell you i was not convinced by Palin’s speech, who has given Americans many reasons not to vote for Obama but Palin, could you give me ONE reason why one should vote for YOU? Nonetheless i think McCain is gonna win, (oh dear no!) and Barrack what did your 300 advisers have against Hillary? Why Biden? How do you achieve the change you so badly crave for with Biden? You know I am with you, we are anti-war, but reading terrorists their rights?

You might say, this is none of my business. You are probably right.

so stop talking to me.

For I really have nothing to say to you.


10 thoughts on “stop talking to me. i am reading Voltaire.

  1. hmmm. not none of your business but more accurately business you don’t have a say in. we’re still entitled our opinions though…

  2. I think not Hillary as VP (if I got you correctly) because:

    1. After a fierce battle for the Democratic Candidacy, which by the way soured progressively, it would be stabbing yourself in the back by allying with this same competitor, who had simultaneously criticised and loop-holed so much of you vision while questioning what you envisaged.

    2. Their respective National Healthcare Insurance Policies are enough to exemplify that their ideals will NEVER converge.

    3. He can’t pick Hillary when Bill’s so sour and of course, when Mrs Clinton stopped short of calling her voters to vote for Obama.

    Why Biden?

    We’ll leave that for another day. =P

    (Perspective of a SMU Sophomore PoliSci student)

  3. Oh Sharon,
    This is a belated thank you for highlighting Rousseau’s Reveries of the Solitary Walker. Had started a few pages and am in love with it thus far.

    Do ya guys study this text @ SILS? Wonder why lit modules in universities back home only glorify English-based works. French literature could be a hidden treasure after all!

    Boring with the capital ‘B’ ='(

  4. “the past for us is but a fond regret”
    I wonder what a “Fond Regret” is…
    is it only the past? how about present?

    I thought of…

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  6. Hey! finally a post from you! =) so i take that internet connection is ok?

    my neng gaks (2 cents):

    1. Biden – cos even adults are childish and lose sight of the bigger picture when pride gets in the way.
    2. They should have picked the less popular Democrat candidate of the two (read: Hillary) who would get the job done where it matters (read: running agst McCain; it becomes pretty much a no-brainer choice doesn’t it?) instead of the more popular one, and risk losing it all (which has materialised into a real threat now).
    3. Palin – There’s something about her which spells an ominous future. i know! it’s that hair. She and Amy Winehouse should form a duo called Bad Hair Daze. But seriously, she states the obvious and nothing else we do not already know, brings nothing new to the table, makes her grand plan sound too easy, i’m afraid it’ll just be a perpetuation of what the predecessors will leave behind.

    God Bless America.

  7. Oops, i just realised this post was written on the 6th! hee hee.

    Oh, here’s a question for thought:

    What’s the difference between Palin and Cheney?

    To use one of Palin’s quote herself, “Lipstick.”

    MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Eat that, Beehive!

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