Wait and hope. Someday u will wake up.


6 thoughts on “Wait and hope. Someday u will wake up.

  1. yap…times will tell.
    Me too…need to wait and hope that my decision is not wrong. Even if it is a wrong judgement, i will face the problem

  2. hi sharon!

    i missed your shows, all the way back from city beat and the (forgotten the english name :\) Bo yin wang zi!

    Made me laugh, kinda like my childhood shows, i remember laughing to 阿好好介绍 (ah hao’s good recommendation), never fails to get me doing maths just to watch the tv.

    Japan.. must be fun. Its where i wanna go to, too.

    Though i know not of what happened.. yea, sure, time’ll do its job.

    Boku no namae wa, Ian desu. Ogenki desu ka? boku wa shingaporu-jin desu. boku wa, kimi o hanashitai desu, daketo, boku no imairu wa s-ian@hotmail.com. Youroshiku onegaishimasu!

    [my japanese isn’t all that perfect, but im still studying it.. haha. anw, all the best. 🙂 ]

    Ian Ding Renjie.

  3. Hey Sharon!
    Have to tell ya this. Always think of you when I listen to 二千年の恋 theme leh.

    My god, hope this is not tragic but seriously this piece is superb!


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