21 thoughts on “August 13th

  1. 超ー素敵なケーキじゃん!

    めくちゃう美味しそう!食べたい 笑*



    らぶゆー ❤

  2. heard that u went 2 japan! was it nice? my mum went there once too… did u sit the bullet train? mum says its super fast.
    email,jojojiayi@yahoo.com.sg/ feverbratz.com

  3. hellos sharon au jie jie!!
    im a great fan of yours.
    jus got to know that you have a blog.
    hahas =D
    when are you comin back to singapore?
    & continue your nice host-ing on tv.
    we miss you.
    stay happy & pretty always!!

  4. Dear Sharon sis,Happy Belated B’day..
    actually I wanna say thax to u..
    I treat u as my sis and idol.I am 21years old,just started my college life in KL…with those little in the college.
    I am going to futher study..just bcoz of u.U are elder than me..but, u still wanna going to fufil ur dream.So,I also never give up my dream..I wanna fufil my dream too.it’s so brave and great to heard tat u are fine in JAPAN there=)jiayou..

    Cherub sis..

  5. Sharon, belated but Happy happy birthday!

    Must stay happy OK?!

    Hope to see more of your bubbly pictures soon!

    Sincere Wishes,

  6. salut negi xuejie!
    c’est un peu en retard mais JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE quand même! C’est magifique comme gateau! T’es une fille chanceuse! Je te souhaite plein de jours comme ça et gardes le sourire! =)

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