i love him!!!!!

THIS SONG BREAKS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is my song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sung Si Kyung. Your voice is the one playing in the background during this whole exam period.

Would you marry me?

I wear black rim specs too!! And mine is bigger!!

Alright alright..im just kiddin’ cos Kim Ja Young will kill me

…ok ja young he will marry you, dun you worry!!!

Thank you enfee, enyi, eunice for translating.

Such a sad sad sad song.


17 thoughts on “i love him!!!!!

  1. HAHAHAH coughs sorry your black specs are damn cute. You’re welcome (:
    *whispers* though i think you should double check the meaning with jyayoung. blinks.

  2. i dont understand the song at all but yet i felt tingling vibrations of sadness towards the ending of the song .. it touches me in a way …. guess thts how music works !
    thks for sharing !


  3. AHH más tres examenes y un ensayo.
    Mañana, el examen de español por primera vez. Oh Carlos, ¿será difícil?

    Estoy escuchando las canciones de SSK. Gracias a su voz preciosa, todavía vivo, en este tiempo muy duro.¡Te quiero!
    Tu voz me recuerdo el tiempo pasado, Los buenos y también los males. Todos los recuerdos de mi vida. El mejor recuerdo que me han hecho he ido sin duda aquel mes en Paris.
    De pequeña, soñaba un amor estupendamente, y una boda bonita y inolvidable con alguien qui me quiere muchísimo. ¿Habrá?
    había una vez…tal vez..quizá..La felicidad, ¿dónde estás? Se dice tu no existes pero prefiero creer que tu eres allí, entonces, esperame por favor. No te vayas, ¿de acuerdo?
    Vale. ¡Baja de las nubes! Ya me duele el cabeza..
    Así es la vida. Verdaderamente.

  4. hi sharon, didn’t know you are interested in k-pop too…!

    yes….sung si kyung is 1 of my favourite korean singer…love to hear him singing….he can sing unplugged and yet sounds like it is from the cd….why? because i can hear the music in his voice… sad that he has gone into the army already…will have to wait for 2-1/2yrs later(2years in army + time to record his album) 😦 btw, he can speak english very well…

  5. Hey . If you want to meet him in real person , i can arrange the meet-up. I know his sister . His sister works in Samsung company in korea. I am not kidding =) My dad is a korean. And he is an investor who also invested in korean films. Hence, he has many links to korea’s entertainment industry.

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