strange dear..

but true… dear

when i’m close to you dear

the stars fill the sky

so in love with you am I.


Cole Porter,

you have written one of the most romantic serenade ever.


Félicitations!! My Dearest One,

Brussels awaits you.

Go fight for Europe!



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4 responses to “strange dear..

  1. jun


  2. i missed the shows u acted. 🙂 take care

  3. BLUE

    Sweeeet! 🙂

  4. 好久没到你blog, googled 了你的blog URL, 来到了,但你用了好多语言来写,让我不知怎样读。不过还好有相片,相片有你。你越来越漂亮了。我不想做你的fans,只想做你的朋友。我看我必须快把日语搞好(几年前学过初级),不然不知怎么读你的blog. 你几时毕业回来?有空用email ( 跟我联络聊天好吗?


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