I do.

The walks into the woods. Holding hands under the spring sunshine. Sitting on the fence avec legs swinging carelessly. Champagne in the terrace one saturday afternoon. Vin rose and apricot crepes. 3 dimensional tic-tac-toe. Ducks fly. Chambre 27.

“If i had to choose one moment to live within my heart it would be that tender moment. Recalling how we started.
Darling it would be when you smiled at me.”
That way that sunday that winter.

This is it
I know it
Love and cherish me
I do
I do.

Hélas! We wake up from our dreams. And there is nothing nothing nothing but emptiness.



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19 responses to “I do.

  1. mm2_ng

    always can find some similar things in your blog,thats the reason i like your blog;) i know u are a brave girl, however brave girl need a strong shoulder to lean on sometimes, this is how i felt.ganbate ne,sharon!

  2. cguitar

    Life is a gift, never regret a day in your life. Good day give u happiness,bad days give u experience,both are essential. Have a nice day,Sharon!

  3. fankeow

    read my email! dun jump to conclusions even if all signs point to one same direction. if all else fails, wait for me! we’ll be there in less than 3 weeks!!!

  4. Irene


    I hope i can be like you to be a brave person. However, my boyfriend had a cool war with me due to my mum don’t like him and asked me to break off with him. I love and miss him. Always cried secretly at night.
    It’s me who always give my boyfriend a call. Until now, he did not call me as before. And i still a thick face to try to maintain our relationship. We been together for nearly 5 months

  5. yun

    indeed a very beautiful dream… may your dream come true someday…. soon… =)

  6. oooh ding dong ding dong wedding bells!

  7. yes suzy you will be my flower gal

  8. sounds like i’m going to france!

  9. Glenn


    Jia you! all the best to you.

    Btw, when you are back in singapore, do you wanna host dnd? Thought of getting you for our company dinner. You are my idol since 90s

  10. Daphne Tay

    getting married??? I am hearing the wedding bells?
    all the best sharon!!!
    loving your life, loving your surroundings, loving your dreams, loving everything of life!!! 🙂

  11. jasminetea

    hi sharon, actually i need your help in translating something. i know there’s online translator around but i’m afraid that it’s not accurate you see. thanks alot for your help. i’ve put my email add. so possible to help me? thansks alot.

  12. hiie!
    i like ur blogg very well
    ue can aso come to myy blogg
    ue gt msn??
    add miie

  13. enfee

    to jasminetea, if you do not trust online translators, i would be more than willing to help you translate, at a very reasonable rate of 100yen per word.

    and fyi, negi.wordpress.com is not a free translation website

  14. jasminetea

    enfee, i understand that negi.wordpress.com is not a free translation website. if i were to have other ways, having to come here and ask for sharon’s help will be my last resort. and~ you can trying asking around if others need any help with translation with your reasonable price at 100yen perwords.

  15. hmm.. sharon, u meeting ur fans ar?

    “read my email! dun jump to conclusions even if all signs point to one same direction. if all else fails, wait for me! we’ll be there in less than 3 weeks!!!

    fankeow said this on May 6, 2008 at 4:07 am ”

    if u r then good hehe cos i will be there in japan for 3 weeks.. keep me informed of any star glazing ok hehe.. or any outing..

  16. enfee

    X_X hitokoto: KY

  17. congrats to ur weddin sharon all e best!!!(^_^)

  18. haruloku

    it sounds so beautiful, this thing called love~

    wish u all the best and that u and ur boyfriend will have eternal love! ^_^

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