ma famille de Tokyo.



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14 responses to “ma famille de Tokyo.

  1. Joyz

    Hi Sharon, I finally went to Japan and absolutely love the culture and people there (if you remembered, I was the one who was asking about places to stay in your earlier post). That place is just brimming with inspirations in terms of design, technology, fashion, food etc. What a lovely place and I’m just dying to go back there again soon!

  2. meimei

    hi negi,thanks 4 ur little piece of advice.
    though it didn’t point either direction,i’ll bear ur words in mind.arigato gozaimasu.May I ask?…Has studying in Japan alws been sth u wanted or was it also impromptu? 😀

  3. Daphne Tay

    you have a great family there!!!
    i feel great for you!!!
    cheers!!! 🙂

  4. fankeow

    Soon, you’ll have a new family member.

  5. jessica lee

    so niceSSS…….hope to have more pictures! have fun and take care!

  6. 2 more days.
    I can’t breathe.

  7. wow nice place,hope u r doin well there all the best cheers!! (^^)

  8. et

    HU XI. immensely important. keep safe!

  9. TOMORROW!!!
    OH GOD!!!!!!

  10. wow…
    is like a big family tere

  11. jessica lee

    TOMORROW should have been gone by now right?

  12. 寶貝

    呵呵~Sharon好久不見~不知道你還記不記得我^^不過~我很懷念那時我們在西班牙的時光…很懷念呦…看你好像過的不錯~也找到true love囉~恭喜妳!!我會在台灣祝福你的^^~有機會的話來看看我們吧~若我們有機會~也會去看你呦^^((MABEL))

  13. Longtime never come to your blog~
    I do back to Malaysia now… So, how is your study at Japan?
    I really hope to see you during my time in Tokyo, Japan.

  14. neverneverneverquit


    Im going to SILS, Waseda this september for a year!

    Was wondering if you could share your experiences with me. 🙂

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