What if you slept?

And what if in your sleep, you dreamt?

And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower?

And what if, when you awake, you had the flower in your hand?

Ah, what then?









それはフランス語でよく言われた cest la vie という、本格的な人生のではないだろうか。




15 thoughts on “romanticism

  1. tell yourself “someday, you will be free, you definetely will.”
    let your dreams take you far in life and get off of reality, even if it is just that little moment, it unfolds great things.

  2. but you ARE free, aren’t you? To pursue your interests, whet your intellect, and see different countries and experience different cultures..

  3. konbanwa!i’m from ur hometown! right now,i’m stuck in a situation
    of whether i shud pursue a career or continue with my studies.
    I did my A levels but results not good.v distraught.don’t noe
    what to choose.Can u share with me some expert opinion? did u also do a degree in spore b4 gg to Japan?Thank uU for ur time.
    =) (=

  4. Hi meimei, you do understand that it is impossible for me to dispense advice to you or anyone.Haha i am the last person on earth anyone should listen to :I am irrational and i go where my heart leads me..which has proven to be disastrous many a times!
    These are decisions in life which we have to make on our own.
    What i can share with you is :
    There are no right or wrong decisions, just consequences..
    Courage is crucial.
    and everything will flow.

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