Compte à rebours.

Je serai retour dans vos bras.

Attends moi

tu seras, non??

OH! Comme ce printemps d’ amour ressemble à l´éclat incertain d´une journée d´avril, qui nous offre d´abord la splendeur du soleil, puis peu à peu un nuage emporte tout!

==william shakespear.

24 thoughts on “Compte à rebours.

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I understand that you able to write in differnet language, but did you consider that your blog is for your ownself, your fans or only people who you know, becuase most your fans won’t understand what you had write.
    If just for your frined then don’t put in ‘’ becuase your fans might feel neglected. No offences just speak out of my view and hope you would understand.

  2. Agree with wind. I admire your capability in multi language. However, if you are sharing it with your fans, which i think that’s the main reason of writing in, then pls write the common language. Last time, I used to enjoy reading your blog, when I open your blog, is like huh?? what ??

  3. err.. i mean i now when i open your blog, is like huh?? what ?? Anyway, of course choice is still yours. Wld still wish you the best in your studies and a very bright future ahead.

  4. 啊,對不起,下次盡量用華語寫。



    希望 “心動网“ 能把我從名單上取下,這樣我是否挽回我的自由??

  5. Hi wind,
    I don’t see a cause to be upset about. This is Sharon’s personal blog and of course, she weren’t right it explicitly for the entertainment of her fans.

    You must understand now that she’s a STUDENT and not an entertainer, as she has been trying to translate to us but unfortunately, the notion seems arduous for many to understand.

    The case is, if you really love Sharon for who she’s now then it is not relevant to make intruding requests on her freedom to express.

    I urge you to live for the moment, and not the past.


    P.S: Sharon, I love your pics. Upload more leh… 😉

  6. Hi Sharon Au,
    It has been such a long break. Just mising you in action on TV program. How ‘re you progressing in your self enrichment program in Japan? Though you do enjoy snow there, please keep the supporting fans back home inform.It need two hands to clap. Being in the entertainment industry, customers support play an important part.Please do not give them a cold shoulder.(even though Japan is having prolonged winter). Well this is a matter of concern for you.With your presence in the TV program,we enjoy missing so much. Tell us something about your life style, is it palatable to you and comfortable over there. Till we hear from you again soon.Regards.

  7. i really understand that at times, you have to practice that you will not forget the language!!! i totally understand!!! so… i will use babel translator for now!!! 🙂 gambatte sharon!!! 🙂

  8. salut! je veux vous dire que vous ecrivez très bien! j’apprends français aussi maintenant! j’aime lire ton blog! bon chance!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Wow, look likes your fans really want to understand you so much. It’s a sign of love, isn’t it? It’s your gift to be able to write and share, don’t waste it. Likewise I thank u for the ‘gift’ (sharing). I enjoy reading your blog, it sometimes trigger the thought, it sometimes stir the heart, and the photos sometimes relax the mind. And when I don’t know your words, I take a break.
    When you are at ease with yourself, you are free. Comfort is the compass of freedom, zi you zi zai yah! So, may you feel free to express yourself in your own (various) way.

  10. Whatever to Sin and Wind… if u would mind to SEE THE FACT that this is sharon’s own personal blog.. her own personal space.. so she has EVERY LIL FREEDOM TO WRITE WAT SHE WANTS… even u dun understand it…

    Even thou linked to Sharon blog, it’s again her freedom to write what she thinks, feel and her thoughts…

    pls dun come to other ppl’s blog and restrict ppl’s freedom…

    u boring asses…

  11. wow, here comes a reader who questions the writers motive (and along the way add a bit of insult) and asks if she’s ever considered who this blog is written for. is that even a legit question that requires answering?

    it amazes me that readers should have the audacity to make demands of the writer. do you see people marching into your house, asking for you to rearrange your furniture so it’s deemed fit for the king? there you go.

    to comprehend the imcomprehensible, may i suggest the following options?

    1. pick up the language
    2. babelfish or other online translators – that’s a quick and easy way.

    but for the uninitiated few, i’m afraid even babelfish may prove to be too much of a chore.

  12. wow, it’s so cool to be able to blog in so many diff languages. vry interesting.. i’m tryin to learn french but am abit lazy XD
    i hope i can travel to many places like u do, sharon..

  13. oh, pls give Sharon a break. this is HER blog, she should have the freedom to use whatever language she pleases.

    btw Sharon, your pictures are really beautiful… all the beautiful places that you’ve been to… so envious! ;p Take care!

  14. I don’t know what you just wrote… but seems like you are having quite a lot of fun… Hope to see you back in Singapore soon

  15. hee blog more!! regardless of the language that you can write in~! and dont forget to include more photooooos!!

    – your supporter!

  16. Hi Sharon – keepin’ it interesting, how about a different language everyday? LOL! Just kidding! Freedom of expression and freedom of speech can (and should be) in ANY language! There are certain phrases and idioms that work better in its mother tongue but thats not to say it shouldnt be translated into any other language on earth for others to enjoy and appreciate – I personally think these quotes are especially apt for your French fans! But of course we can all take a lil itsy bit of time and translate with the power of the internet! He he 🙂 Love the pics btw, HH :*

  17. Hi Sharon,i am a new comer.after reading ur blog,real enjoy.if not i dun know where to get u.always support u.

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