je suis prête.

Leaving for Paris tomorrow.

My month long exchange programme at Sciences Politique Paris, one of Europe’s most distinguished universities.

European Studies 2008: The history of Europe..contemporary history and institutions of Europe..the European identities..Europe and environmental issues..economic performances of European economies…European welfare states and the dynamics of generations..democracy at the European level..National political parties in Europe..Europe and its external relations..migration and identities…


5 of us from Waseda Uni, 18 from Keio Uni, 2 from Hokkaido Uni and 4 from Sophia Uni.

Salamanca last august was smashin’, and now,

i CAN’T WAIT for Paris.


The lovely jardin de sci po.. where i will be eating my lunch and catching up on my french.

“For more than a hundred years, Sci Po has been training the best young minds of France and Europe for leadership service”.

I may not be smart, but do not doubt that i am ready to learn.

Ready to fail, ready to pick myself up from the slump.

Ready to prove to those who think that this is a joke, an act, a hypocrcisy.

Ready to be misunderstood.

Ready to fight against bureaucratic tyranny, and ready to lose.

I am ready.



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21 responses to “je suis prête.

  1. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.
    –Socrates, Greek philosopher.

  2. enfee

    don’t lose ur camera!

  3. “I may not be smart, but do not doubt that i am ready to learn.

    Ready to fail, ready to pick myself up from the slump.

    Ready to prove to those who think that this is a joke, an act, a hypocrcisy.

    Ready to be misunderstood.

    Ready to fight against bureaucratic tyranny, and ready to lose.

    I am ready.”

    It sounded very reasonable to me cos it somehow reflected me. I not a language person & I overcome everything today to soon becomin a law student. I am excited & afraid about the pathway in front of me; will i fall down, will I overcome it, can I make it; I dont know. But I am ready=).

  4. finding my way

    im jus one of ur readers in sg..trying to learn jap now and juststepping into the working world and finding my way around. i strive to do like what you are doing, learning all the time and be challenged.

    you have already proven that you are more than capable, so just enjoy all your experiences ahead of you without worrying that other’s think that it’s a joke etc etc. you give the rest of us mere mortals courage 🙂 all the best.

  5. Jiayou and remember to have fun too in the midst of all the studying and learning! Have a great time in Paris! =)

  6. fankeow

    JIA YOU!!! see you in 6 weeks! 😉

  7. i am ready to read you all over again.

  8. Gavin Ong

    Oh this illustrious institution produces 99.99% of French leaders. What a fabulous opportunity it is!
    Looking foward read about your life there.

    Gambarimasu! Oui? 😉

  9. reiya

    Reading your blog has been inspiring and it has motivated me to push on with my own studies as well. Thanks. 🙂

  10. daphne

    Sharon… take care of yourslef!!! don’t forget your meals while you are studying hard!!! you have already succeeded and this is the next part of your life, the next journey that you have installed in you for your life. Life’s great now right? Studying all around the world… getting to see new faces and new environments!!! take good care of yourself alright!!! enjoy your french lessons!!! will be getting my posting results soon and Japanese lessons are starting soon!!! all the best!!! 🙂

  11. o man u r so lucky 2 study in japan which i wanna 2 hv my education tere too..
    i wish i can hv the oppotunties…
    Nihon wa daisuki

  12. jean

    Hi i am now studying Acca in singapore. Glad to know that u continue to study. Heard that u have been very discipline and studying very hard there. How did u study? can u share with me so i can get motivated. U are my good example. I feel that u are very clever and hardworking. All the best to u in your study.

  13. Matilda Hui

    Hi Sharon, saw you on my flight SIN-CDG. Not sure if you can remember me (the one whom u asked post card from 🙂 )

    I’m very impressed with your perseverance in pursuing languages and now politics! Very inspiring!

    I was very tempted to chat with you but I thought it might be rude to intrude your privacy on board. Anyway, all the best and hope to see you onboard soon!

  14. Damon

    Hi Sharon,
    Sincerely hope that you may finish this exchange program more well-versed on the perspective of Western liberal thoughts and way of life. Come back home and share about what you have learnt. All the best!

  15. hello..!!
    happy new year…..

  16. hi sharon!

  17. linn

    you are very special sharon! will always support u =)

    mayb god bless u out there!

  18. Janice

    Oh yes I love Europe.. what a great chance to go to Paris and study there! Talking about history of Europe, it reminds me of a book.. Wondering whether you’ve read it before? “The Historian” – a very interesting book indeed. It’s about Dracula’s story..
    Take care and enjoy every single second of your life..=)

  19. HI Matilda!!I am so sorry for the late reply..but of course i remember you!!!Thank you for taking such good care of me on board..
    I am still in Paris and enjoying every moment of it..although there was this one night when i took the bus home and felt so lonely..but those down times pass me by so swiftly. Not to worry.
    I am now down with flu after having been caught in the snow and rain in Strasbourg. ARGGGHHH.
    Happy flying Matilda and hope we meet again somewhere somehow..

  20. すごいブログだよ。何国語できますか?

  21. great Blog I’m a huge slots fan from Holland

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