Candlelight party

the dreamers

the light

the music

the night









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30 responses to “liberté.

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  3. jessica lee

    wheeee…..enjoy your CNY!

  4. orange

    enjoy your ‘exam-less’ days and happy cny! =)

  5. devilishyy

    hahaha good for you! enjoy your holidays! =D
    and happy new year! =D
    but hor, my exams come right after cny! X.x”
    haha anyway, CHEERS!

  6. Mei Jia

    Hi Sharon, currently watching “I do,I do” on Channel 8, oh btw, wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year. 🙂 As I was saying, I’m watching your movie and decided to drop by your site to you how you are doing. And I am surprise to see your previous posts and they left me some questions about you. I know that you learned Japanese language before and currently you are studying. Mm.. Just curious about what you are studying? Languages? Spanish? French?

    I am currently learning French at Alliance Francaise De Singapour. Do you know French well?

    How to see you reply soon, maybe to my email?

    Thank you Sharon and I wish you best of luck for your results and a very Happy RAT year!

    Jia you!

  7. emanon

    enjoy your holidays and enjoy your CNY.
    Channel 8 just broadcast your movie – i do i do…so coolx!!!!

  8. Alvin

    Happy CNY to you!!! Just finished watching I do I do… your acting was sincerely flawless! Enjoy the fruits of your labour =)

  9. alwaysbored

    Hi Sharon,
    Congrats on your completion of the exams!
    Happy CNY and may the new year be yet another fantastic one for you and your love ones! 🙂

  10. sue

    hahah yupp, like everyone else..jus watched i do i do!
    Happy CNY sharon! (:

  11. ぺいぺい

    finally you’re free from your muggings!! 🙂
    enjoy your fun for now!!

  12. Happy chinese new year!! Watched I DO I DO a few days ago on tv.. really miss ur show and acting =D anyway, all the best and take care :o)

  13. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Sharon, inside the picture look nice. by the do take care of yourself at anywhere.

  14. shin

    hellos! yea i watched ‘i do i do’ on tv tt day too, u are sorely missed!!

  15. weizhen

    REALLY nice to see you again after donkey ages =) seeing tt kind of *blinding* radiance on your face, it sure looked like you’re having e time of your life in uni! well it’s a pity didnt manage to catch up much. oh wells! all the BEST in whatever awaits! jiayou =) PS: i’m writing a paper on sino-jap relations so.. do tell me when there’s any breaking news k! but aiya, China being so egoistic and baggage laden… hmm.

  16. Hi Sharon, heard that you want to get involve in politics, wish you all the best to come. Also remember “With great power comes great responsibilities”. When you become the prime ministor, don’t forget me(the lower class citizen). Also today my video was feature in Strait Times Stomp, you can watch it here at Happy New Year. Be sure to check out my Msn Live Space. Cheers!

  17. daphne

    sharon!!! you did great man!!! now… it’s time to enjoy your break that you deserve!!! 3 cheers!!! take care!!!

  18. Gavin Ong

    Hi Sharon!
    Lovely pictures you have. I wish i could be there. CNY’08 has been super-duper quiet here, no fun! :’O

  19. I respect your culture, Japan, but could you please stop killing dolphins?

  20. daphne

    in Japan, dolphins are killed?
    take care ok sharon!!!
    any guidance for learning Japanese language cause my lessons are going to start on the first week of march…
    any tips to master Japanese language?
    thanks so much!!! like… how did you manage to remember and recognise all the different hiraganas and katakanas?
    thanks so much!!! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY SHARON!!! 🙂

  21. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Sharon,

    by the way, next year should sing more chinese new year song la, rather than puting the last 2 year chinese new year songs

  22. enfee


  23. devilishyy

    happy valentine’s day!
    not only dolphins, seals are being killed too. sigh

  24. kim

    U so great!!! happy CNY..

  25. いじめられた。


  26. daphne

    sharon… you got bullied? fight them back man!!! gambatte!!! you have all my support man!!!

  27. devilishyy

    be strong, whatever that does not kill you will make you stronger =]

  28. jac



  29. mumdoreamon

    Hi Sharon,

    AhMa here.. hope u still rem me.. Hapi CNY.. May a brand new year bring you lucks and gd health to you and ur family and loves ones.

    hapi to see u ve finish ur examz.. great!! i’m always lokin forward to finish exam.. mine will be cumin soon and here i am still struggling my projects..

    saw the pics of the snow.. wow.. nice.. i’ve nv seens it in real llfe though.. guess it’s great kinda feeling right? do email me if u able to ya…. ^_^

    Best wishes frm ahma..

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