Pour ne pas vivre seul.


Woke up and it is snowing again.



View from my balcony.

Rooftops covered in white.


Eunice and Xiaowei. So lovely. They woke up at 7am and screamed —SNOW!!!!!

and they built a whole family of 雪だるま。。かわいい!!!!But they looked more like TOTORO hahahhahaha !!!!

I can’t think of a better way to study for tomorrow’s french paper..although nothing to eat in my apartment except coffee, cookies and tons of books.

Et moi.

Well, who needs food when I have snow.

And a beautiful french song..which i’ve been singing along to..

“Pour ne pas vivre seul
On vit avec un chien
On vit avec des roses
Ou avec une croix
Pour ne pas vivre seul
On ‘sfait du cinéma
On aime un souvenir
Une ombre, n’importe quoi
Pour ne pas vivre seul
On vit pour le printemps
Et quand le printemps meurt,
Pour le prochain printemps
Pour ne pas vivre seul
Je t’aime et je t’attends pour avoir l’illusion
De ne pas vivre seule, de ne pas vivre seule”

C’est gentil, non?

Vivre dans l’ enchantement.


20 thoughts on “Pour ne pas vivre seul.

  1. haha… nice place!!! yay!!! i am the first to write a comment to you!!! take care!!! happy new year to you in advance too!!!

  2. ah when xw woke up at 7 she was like SNOWWWWWWW. and we ran out half asleep and took many many many pictures. then came back when it was too cold, dried ourselves and went back to sleep haha.

  3. hihi i saw that u have been to japan to take up jap courses @ waseda uni . isit very expensive .
    i have studied in singapore japanese , n got my jlpt4 exam pass.
    therefore i hope to pursue further ..
    bt not sure where how to get on ..
    so i tot maybe i could ask ya as u have experience it on the prepartions part ..

    heheh sorri if i have ask such a weird qns @ ur blog ..
    i have attached my email .. u r able to reply me thru there if u
    r available ..

    thnk s

  4. Konnichiwa
    yuki wa kirei desu…..Your French is so good. How many languages can you speak in total and what are they. I can speak English, Mandarin and Japanese.

  5. hello!
    see that you’re taking french?
    just wanna ask between french and german of which is a better choice?

    ps: i attached my email address too, hope you’re able to reply me through there when you are free ^^

  6. hello!
    nice place u got there sharon, very beautiful, makes it so nice to look out of the window every morining when u wake up
    study hard and do stock up on your food haha, do take care of ur health too amidst the studying
    take care!

  7. hi! its really nice reading your blog as they are always so reflective and thankful. gives me a serene feeling. i like it =)

    anw, im an arts student in j2 preparing for alevels; after which comes the whole ordeal of having to choose a course and a university to study in. i love languages, and intend to take up courses for foreign language in uni next time.

    but the problem is, i have absolutely no background. i was just wondering whether a not it would be advisable?

    im a keen learner i think=)

    thanks for sharing your life as an international student here on your blog. it makes me dream.

    happy chinese new year in advance!

  8. Hi Sharon, your new year 2008 Songs with Gurmit Singh not bad. but may i know how come this year only got 8 out of 16 song inside the CD. it should sing more song rather than bring the last year songs to put inside the CD.

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