Life delights in LIFE.

Cold winter morning..but where is the snow..??

So happy i cannot stop singing. Humming an unknown tale. My heart leaps with joy.

3 papers tomorrow.

Love-Hate relationship with exams, but more love than hate i think.. lovin’ the endless mugging, sugarless coffee, and lecture notes on the floor splattered all over my room.

I am ready. Get set, GO!!!!!!

I am also officially a nerd.

Montaigne’s words are deeply marked in my tiny existence..that “there is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge. We try all the ways that can lead us to it. When REASON fails, we use EXPERIENCE”.

Ok happy nerd has to go to school now YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!



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34 responses to “Life delights in LIFE.

  1. k

    gambatte ne!!!

    dun forget to eat hor.

    take care of yourself and dun get chilled in cold cold winter. =)


  2. rei

    yeahh i thought it was gonna snow too..

    ふぅぅ~ ( メ`ω´)/

    good luck for your papers!

  3. jac

    haha, optimistic nerd. cool 🙂

  4. hahahah you actually really sounded happy about it! well, when life has reached that contentment peak, i guess everything goes! good luck for your papers! carpe diem hor!

  5. fankeow

    i can totally empathise with that!! i was like that too in my first year of uni, after 2.5 years of brain rusting activity in the army. and then i love the feeling of grasping the big picture when you reread everything in preparation for the exams. it’s a great sense of achievement and conquest. mind over body! jia you!!

  6. エンフィ

    yeah..felt so cheated. it was so cold and it didn’t snow.. =.= hmph

  7. Ed

    Hi, just happen to chance upon your blog.
    I happen to see you at Muji the other day at Shinjuku.
    Was with another Singaporean friend also studying here in Tokyo.
    We were too shy to say ‘hi’.
    So ‘Hi’ and ganbatte:)

  8. Gavin Ong

    Am also having papers the next three days.

    Jiayou jiayou!

  9. miaomiao

    bon courage sharon san!

  10. Hanako

    Sugoi! You actually love exams more than hate!! Wow
    Ganbatte ne! oh ya.. Does the whole of Waseda have exams the same time? Or just your school?

  11. hoshitsuki

    how do you love exams?? I dun really hate it but cramping all the notes in my brain just make me feel so sick . ..ah……

  12. shixuan


  13. alwaysbored

    Hi Sharon!
    I’m happy for you “happy nerd”! 🙂
    All these while I’ve been a kaypoh who’s been dropping by to read ur blog whenever I need some reminder to work a little harder in uni. Thanks for being an inspiration to this unmotivated bummer!

    Haha, I’m a “suffering nerd” who’s nowhere near the dean’s list and never will be. But it’s ok, to each his own, not everyone can be on the dean’s list, there has to be some “average” ple who’s not too perfect around too, isn’t? ;p

    Have fun fellow nerd (do i even qualify for the nerd title when i dun even study hard?!) and take care always!

  14. it is SNOWING.

    I opened my eyes and saw snow flying into my balcony and a white white world out there..

  15. jessica lee

    brrr….it must be cold but nice! keep yourself warmth!!! treasure it, at least we dont get that in SG! ;p

  16. Ed

    Yep, it finally snowed.:)

  17. Daphne

    enjoy the white snow sharon in Japan
    going to get my o-level results tomorrow.

  18. daphne

    sharon, glad that you are able to enjoy snow in Japan
    getting my o-level results tomorrow.

  19. orange

    enjoy the snow! =) Been reading your blog every now and then…

    hopefully smap will have concerts this year so that I can go. Heh. The last time I went was in 2005… >.<

    and good luck for the exams!

  20. qiuyan

    Hope you did well. =)

  21. daphne..O level`s results within your expectations?

    Para mi, 4 more papers to go..french and spanish..
    Je ferai de mon mieux…COURAGE!!

  22. nicole

    i got my o level results too.but mine is ooonly an a1 and got distinction 4 oral.happy…..u like exams??hais hope tat i can oso like it too.

  23. sue

    “Love-Hate relationship with exams, but more love than hate i think.. lovin’ the endless mugging, sugarless coffee, and lecture notes on the floor splattered all over my room.”

    woah. cool. (: and i thought I’m the only one. hee. But these are really the specific things I love too. (:

  24. devilishyy

    All the best! =D
    i love french! =D

  25. Gavin Ong

    Sharon ah,
    Ha ha….channel 8’s broadcasting the movie you acted with adrian pang on cny leh. (sorry ah, dunnoe what’s the title) =P
    Hope to hear your addictive laughter on screen. Hehe

  26. meenimee

    Hi Sharon! It’s Beauty World’s 20th anniversary and when i went to see the play again by Wild Rice productions, i can’t help but think of you as the evil LuLu. Haha.. missing your presence on our local shows =)

    All the best for exams!

  27. gL

    wow its snowing there… wonder what it feels like..hmm
    will be having my last year in poly’s exams soon, will be as positive as u sharon! good luck in your papers ganbatte!

  28. Ed, next time if you see me in tokyo do say hi..i would be delighted..

    Gavin, how were your papers?? JIaYOUUUUUU. (I DO I DO ) hahahahha..

    Miaomiao, i am going for exchange programme in Sciences Politique Paris for a month in Feb..Je vais a Paris!!

    Hanako,yah this is the exam period for most faculties in Waseda..

    to : alwaysbored and Sue —nerd rocks!!!

    orange, i went for SMAP’s concert in 2006..Kimura is so coooooool…

    meenimee, Thank you
    “Beauty world cha cha cha!!!”

    gL_: goodluck to us all!!

    Enfeeeeeee, thank you so much for your help in this blog space, you are our Aunt Agony..
    It’s been a great 2007..very beautiful memories in tokyo, no?
    Next stop helsinki and lyon! It’s gonna be a blast!
    !!Animo para espanol!!


  29. daphne

    hihi… daphne’s back. Yeps… O-level results quite ok. Hmm… YOU MUST JIAYOU FOR YOUR EXAMS!!! FIGHT TILL THE END!!!
    will be taking up Japanese language course real soon lolx…
    hope to be able to converse with you in Japanese next time… i hope. SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY… CONTINUE TO SOAR!!! SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION. KNOWLEDGE IS EVERLASTING!!! SO KEEP GOING!!! TAKE CARE NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! YOU ARE LOVED!!! btw, where is your next destination after your exams and how come you even have to take french when yo are at Waseda. Curious. reply me only when you are free!!! take care sharon!
    hope to hear from you real real sooon!

  30. jac

    even Bo Ying Ren is back on channel 8!
    i miss chen mei guang guang guang guang guang!
    all the best!

  31. gL

    thank you sharon, yep good luck to all of us who are taking exams soon!
    how come u get to travel alot when you are studying? that’s just so wonderful isn’t it?
    i still listen to the 春到人间 cd you recorded last time once in awhie, you are truly a great singer, honestly!
    good luck for your remaining papers, take care too, don’t mug too hard and neglect yourself, must relax once in awhile too ya?

  32. alwaysbored

    haha, yes Sharon, nerds rocks! much as i complain abt sch life, i believe i’ll really miss it after i grad! ;p

  33. devilishyy

    whens the beauty world showing? omg i love it too lah. hahaha… sharon, i think u look great in retro costumes… haha =P new year’s coming, happy new year to all!
    and good luck to those having exams… haha to myself as well! =P

  34. LER

    wish u all the best ya^^
    jia you^^

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