Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.

62 thoughts on “千の風になって

  1. all the hard work that he has done and the effort he has put in will always be remembered by many people. he has given alot of people laughther and joy. he seems like a really nice person, he does hold a special place in many peoples’ hearts

  2. sharon… we miss you loads!!! you are really an inspiration and a motivation for me… really love the life you are living now… must be real interesting as something new awaits you each day… oh yes… can i ask… i am currently learning Japanese and i ehard that there is Hiragana, Kanji and Kanataka right? How did you learn them all? As in do i have to learn all the 3 types to master Japanese or perhaps you can tell me which one you started with? THanks so much
    with love Daphne – enjoy your life, live it, love it!!! take care!!!! we sarang hea yo yong won ni (we love you forever in Korean) you forever!!! hehe… take care and we hopw to see you real soon!!! do update often!!! want to know more about your life at present!!! thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Sharon, may i ask u a question? U used to be SIA air-stewardess b4 rite? do u ever c shorter than 1.58cm air-stewardess? Im 1.55cm and i dunno wan to go this 27 jan walk-in ornt… pls advise.. Thank you

  4. I have no feelings for the language, but the melody, background music, and the applause make me wanna listen repeatedly.

    This is the magic of music that brings all individuals from all over the world together.

    I don’t know why I am back to your blog again, hahaa..

  5. Thanks for sharing! If I’m not mistaken he appeared in FNS2007 and Best Artist 2007 right? His voice is really amazing!

  6. Yes Daphne, when one is truly interested in acquiring a particular language it is advisable to embrace every part of it. So for Japanese, we can’t take any shortcuts either..so there you go, kanji, hiragana and katakana LEARN THEM ALL hahahaha.
    It was very tough for me too in the beginning..but DON’T GIVE UP!!!! I can’t remember which one came first, my teacher made us learn hiragana and katakana at the same time i think, followed by kanji.

    Fox, i think most of my colleagues were around the same height as me (163cm), i can’t really recall i’m sorry..
    But we should not let something like height deter us yah? If you are that interested in working as a flight attendant, just go for it..no harm trying. GOODLUCK!!

  7. Hi Sharon, was just wondering if you could give some advice on good areas to stay in Toyko. I’m planning to go on a trip this Mar/Apr and am desperately finding a not-too-expensive place to stay and gosh, Jap hotels sure are expensive!

  8. thanks so much for your guidance sharon. It meant alot to me, i really appreciate your help. Remember to pursue your dreams ahead and never look back ok? Hope to hear fromm you more often as your posts are usually very meaningful and inspirational. Really like it alot!!! take care and enjoy every moments of it there!!! Miss you loads!!! btw, there are two daphne’s and i am like the ‘new’ one. Came here many times but dare not comment… hehe 🙂 One life, live it, love it and embrace it!!! smile always

  9. haha… the ‘new’ daphne is the one that posted that she wants to learn Japanese. haha… next time i shall add a * behind it then… hehe… oh yes!!! how long did you take to master the Japanese language??? Wow, i am trying to memorise the hiragana and kanataka. Really… it isn’t easy but i will hand on!!! you also must jiayou and never give up too!!!

  10. hey sharon =) i envy you =) i want to go to Japan to study too! =)
    when i was in Japan for a holiday, my tour guide mentioned that you’re studying in a very reputable university in Japan!

    I am proud of you =)

  11. Sharon さん、おげんきですか。

    Wow, that’s how a choir sing. わたしわ すきです。I was from choir. I like the way he sang this song. Slow and nice, I can catch up with the Japanese characters as well. Haa..

    Take care.

    ベーニース ちゃん

  12. Joyz, let me answer this one.

    Oakwood Shinjuku. i swear by it, and it’s Tokyo’s best kept secret, until now. hahaha.

  13. Hi sharon, stumbled upon your blog by chance, and i love this song very much. thank you for sharing!

    if you enjoy vocalists, perhaps you can try listening to 徳永英明 ;).

  14. Hi Sharon, Ah Ma here again.. As mentioned before in your previous post, keke.. i neglected my exams revision and watched the Star Awards.. Very happy to see you.. U’re still tat Great! Can see you’re nervous.. ^_* Really hope you’ll be happy on stage just as the others Fans/Friends tat mentioned earlier in this post. Recently juz finish bz with work.. Nw back to studies again..

    MC King departure really gaven everyone or perhaps is Me a msg.. is to Treasure everyone who Love U & whom U Love. Guess everyone yet to calm down perhaps. 所以呢,笑也是要过一天,哭也要过一天,那为何不选泽开开心心过每一天呢?


  15. Hey there….thanks for the song. I’ve been looking for this song too. The lyrics were all about it. It is simple yet it says alot.

    Jia you with your studies. I’m gonna jia you with my 3rd year of japanese studies.

  16. joyz, dan’s right! And also u may wanna try Villa Fontaine too..at shinbashi and another one at Roppongi.

    OH NOOOOOO exams starting next friday..18th of Jan TILL 4th feb!!!

  17. Hi Sharon,
    Tune in brain state into Alpha(9-13hz)or Theta(4-8Hz) state could help to increase your memory power:) which means allows urself into deeper relaxation state then start ur study,it works! U might consider the Mind Mapping method by Tony Buzan too.

  18. hang in there!! ;p u can look forward to CNY after your exams! so just bear with it! it will be ovvvver soon before u know it! 先苦后甜! ;p

  19. sharon… jiayou for your exams!!! pursue your dreams and do your mum and youself proud ok? I am going to get my o-level results most likely on the 21st of January…haha… take care dear… 🙂 hope to here from you soon!!!

  20. first time commenting. heh. loved you when you were hosting. but found new respect for you when you left for japan. and more when you came back a different person. かっこいいなぁ。私もいつか日本へ留学しようと思ってる。went for a summer program at kyushu university which was so damn refreshing as compared to stressful local uni life.


  21. hi sharon. this is my 1st time commenting here. i m not sure if u know this, but St Nicholas Girls’ Sch is goin to be demolished soon to make way for the new school building. And there will be a fun fair at the end of March. Will u be goin then? Btw, i heard this from my sis, who is an alumni there.

  22. What’s up Sharon? I just hit here randonly. Thanks 4 shareing your time and drinking @ Roppongi. Dude, it was expensive 4 me…lol Anywayz good luck 4 everything this year, & say hi to Kei-san, Masao-san, another MD Masa-san and your dude Danielle(?)…and sorry I forgot the other guy’s name 😦 alright?!

  23. Hi Sharon, name’s Dawn here ^^ I wanna travel to Japan to study too.. but seriously, I don’t have the guts especially when I don’t speak a word of it. So, I was hoping you could gimme some advice on it. Should I do it? How long did it take you to accomodate to things and speaking their language? Hope you’ll reply!

    Love dawn!~

  24. Dawn, have no fear.
    New language, new environment, new life. We humans are capable of achieving much more if only we are willing to spread our wings.

    Im not saying it’s gonna be a breeze. I had my fair share of uncertainties and doubts too.
    BUt i have never felt more alive.

    Ask anyone who has ever ventured beyond their comfort zone.

    Ok back to my books…exams coming right up..JIA YOU!!

  25. heyyyy ^^ Can’t believe you actually replied! LOL. *happyGRIN*
    So you believe I’ll be able to learn and capture e essence of Japanese and be able to live & study there? I sure hope I’ll be able to muster that amount of courage you did.
    Currently I’m in Melbourne, & truthfully even when my 1st language was Eng, was kinda hard to ‘fit in’ in the beginning. Took some hard work. So I’m actually afraid of the time it’ll take for me to LEARN the language & on top of that, adapt to the environment ==” *cold sweat*

    How long did it take you to learn Jap and officially be accepted in the university?

    Arigatou!~ Your reply meant alot to me^^

  26. Sharon! Ganbatte Kudasai! Best wishes for your exams! See you around Waseda in April! I will be there to tour the school!

  27. Hi Sharon,

    I’m planning to further my studies in Tokyo (say Waseda University) in 10 years time. How much should i set aside for my stay in Tokyo?

    Good luck for your exams! Jiayou!

  28. Sharon Au,
    You have not appeared in challel 8 for a long time, I am coolingstar9, we all missing you. Because you had to go Japen to fullfill your dream, hope that you can host soon, i wish you have a meaningful year 2008.

  29. hi sharon,

    i’m glad that u’re out of the variety shows.. though i like u then, i believe too much of those wayang is bad for u…there’s a lack of creativity in the variety shows’ production teams…i like the sharon that we get to witness now…greater wisdom and sensitivity not manifested previously..hopefully u’ll get to become like yang junwei who can inspire others into delving further into other stuff – new or old..agent of change/inspiration etc etc..

    are u currently doing all yr degree subjects in japs? understand that u did japs in yr sec sch.. u cleared jlpt 1 and went over for another 1-yr language immersion before commencing yr degree course or what? is 1-yr language immersion sufficient to cope with tackling those heavyweights – subjects in japs fully?

    i did japs till jlpt 2 in nus and subsequently switched to french delf 5 part-time..cos my approach and mentality when i pursued both languages were different, my proficiencies in them also differ. with french, i could read the papers without difficulties but with japs, i find it quite lacking…so with the recent spring cleaning for cny, i just recompiled my 3-yr nus notes again, hopefully can revise them at a more aggressive pace similar to how i tackle french initially…

    hope to hear more about yr experiences in the language learning… so how’s yr proficiency in all the languages.. understood u’re into japs, french and spanish…

  30. Hi Sharon,
    This is jeff…Jia you! Miss u on TV, but I guess, doing what is best and you enjoy most is more important in life…so fame is a temporary…but achieving what you desires is further more meaningful in life…

  31. Hey thanks to Fankeow/Dan and Sharon for responding!! To be honest, I am so tempted to go for a tour package since everything is exp in Jpn. Even travelling around the city is exp. Goodness…I’m trying to resist that as much as I can as I want to be able to explore the city properly. If there are tips on Osako and Kyoto, pls let me know as well! Thanks again! =)

    PS: Your next post should be titled, “with flying colours!” Good luck!

  32. Seminar paper down. 7 more papers to go.
    Animo! Animo!! ANIMO CHICA!!!

    Looking forward to eating lots of BAKWA in singapore.

  33. Hi Sharon,

    Some quotes for sharing….

    “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.” — Author Unknown

    “Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don’t look at it and wish you had painted something different.”
    — Author Unknown

    At times when i feel stressful or at the verge of giving up… Be it in my work or studies… i will recite these to myself…

    Hee… Pretty useful to me… Keep me going…
    Hope this will keep you going as well..
    JIA YOU okies!!
    Give it your best shot!

    p/s: Hee… I LOVE bakwa too!! =)

    Yanjun *clink*

  34. dear dawn, if you are considering Waseda SILS, you can come here without any Japanese background.
    However, if you are contemplating going to a Japanese university without any courses in English, a 1year or 1.5year language course in Japan would prepare you moderately well for university courses. During your 1 year language course, you can submit your applications to the various universities and also sit for entrance examinations. Reputable language schools will help you with the application process.

    Hope that helped.

  35. Dear Dawn,
    I think NTU has launched a double master degree programme(MBA)together with Waseda University, alternatively you can check with them, think the dateline for appliaction is end of April. Hope this help…

  36. Hi Sharon.

    I came in contact with your Blog as I was browsing MCK’s Blog. Let’s drop MCK cos’ our life have to move on.

    Say, as I was watching you on the Star Award 2007, you looked totally a different person. I must say I was happy to see that you’ve grown into a mature and full of chemistry lady. But at the same time, I just feel something is missing in you. Just something ….. what is it ??? What is it ???? Sharon, I’m sure you know. But if you are happier with your present self, then that’s fine, otherwise in our eyes, you are just becoming the female side of Tony Leung. Depressed somewhere in you. That’s not what we like to see… although you may think you are reaching near your goal of life. We just want 50% of the previous Sharon Aw’s behaviour back. Please ….

  37. To Enfee:
    HEY1 Thankyou sooo much for replying to my query ^^ How come I don’t need any Jap bkground to enter Waseda SILS? Are the courses taught in English?

    To cguitar:
    Ahh icic. But I’m currently in Melbourne ^^ So I guess going to NTU is abit out of the way! ^^ LOL. Thanks anw!!!

  38. hey sharon.. this was 1 of the perf during the 58th kouhaku uta gassen Nee? may i know what is the oname of this superb singer?

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